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Get more loyal customers

Point of Sales for Markets

It is proven that a good Loyalty System conquers your customers and increases profit. Offering benefits for purchase, whether in the form of gifts or discounts, can be decisive when the client decides to buy in his shop and not in the competitor.

The NEXTAR Software Loyalty System turns all purchases into points. Create progressive advantages to the customer and encourage them to increase their punctuation more and more. Use the quick points search to show the client how many points he or she needs to claim a particular prize, discount, or benefit.
To set up the loyalty system is very simple: in the customer area, just click on "display all customers" and then "loyalty options". Then you just set the proportion of points that the customer will accumulate to each value spent in your store.
There is also the option of automatically converting the points into a discount on the purchase. If you prefer to offer benefits instead of a discount, simply disable this option.
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If what you want is to offer as an award, a certain product, in the Software NEXTAR this operation is very simple. Just enter in the product registration, in options, the number of points to be accumulated to claim it as an award. If you prefer the award claim only by product, disable the automatic claim option in loyalty settings.

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Know your customer

If you ask marketers what the first step is to increase your sales the answer will surely be "get to know your customer". Knowing who buys in your company is the way to offer products and services that customers most want or need. In addition, knowing who is already your customer increases your chances of attracting new consumers.

The more information you have about your customer, the better it is for your business. However, with the NEX Program, you can initiate loyalty only by registering the client's name. In this way, the quick register at the time of sale allows the customer to start to accumulate points.

As the customer returns to your store and begins to create a trustworthy relation, you collect more information like phone, address, and others. This information will be the basis for the loyalty system, generate reports and offer all the features that will make your customer's life easier.

The type of registration by person or company will assist in the management of your client, definition of maximum debt, among other resources.

Justify the registration with the customer's document, showing that all the sales invoices made by him, will automatically record the document number.

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Offer easiness

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

A Loyalty System is not just about offering discounts or gifts. It offers something even more valuable: agility and convenience. The moment a registered customer buys in your store, he feels special when he does not need to repeat address or the data for an invoice, for example. Or when he is without enough money for the purchase and can leave the missing value for the next time he comes to your store.

The address field of the customer registration can be filled in quickly with postal code information. Also, there are some features simplify location and delivery.

The number of addresses in the same register is unlimited. So, if the customer is a company with multiple stores, for example, it is possible to register each one of them and to identify in the "Comments" field. Or, if the client is not a company, he can register the home and professional address, for example.

Once you identify the customer, you immediately have access to the registered addresses. And to make it even easier, each address provides the route map for delivery. This makes it easy for you and makes it faster for the customer!

The debt control can be used in many ways:
•   If a part of the payment is missing, you can quickly save it On Account, so the customer will be able to pay it in the next purchase;

•   If your business works with the “On Account” option, keeping debts to your customer's account, save the debt to the invoice and follow up the balance after each new purchase right on the sales screen (POS);

•   You can also register the gradual payment of the debts. For example, if the customer made a purchase and will divide the amount into three payments. The debt balance is updated right after he makes a payment.

Just as it works with the debt option, the credit can be used with the purchase change, when a part of the payment is missing in your cash register. You just need to have an account to your customer and save it. This way, next time your client comes to buy in your store, he can use this amount on the next purchase, deducting to the final value. All registered and very simplified.

The credit can be used as a pre-purchase. The client can be a parent who works out and wants to leave an advance loan to meet the needs of the home; Or even, the customer who wishes to leave a value as a gift to be spent in the store by another person indicated by him.

Locate any customer quickly using the smart search by name, ID, last name or code. The system will give you the information you are looking for in a few clicks. This feature will also help you finding transactions, for example. The smart search gives you more convenience and agility, to serve your customer much better.

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Avoid inconveniences

The Loyalty System is based on the good relationship between the customer and your business. The Software NEXTAR provides personalized identification mechanisms with photo and annotations, as well as reports on each client transaction. With this information it is possible, for example, to identify if the customer who is claiming a benefit is actually the registered customer.

The complete registration puts together specific information of each customer. Save a photo via Web-Cam to identify who attends your business. This way it is possible to check if the person that is claiming the loyalty points really is your customer.

Enable the option “does not allow debts” or define a maximum limit for customers with a history of default. This way, if your client tries to leave an amount in debt, the system will show an alert.

Still, in the customer registration, there is an option to identify the parents (if the client is a minor) and the field comments.
The “Comments” field can be used the way you believe more convenient, to authorize a pre-approval of credit or discount limit.

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Bring your clients back

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

Just as much important as having new customers is to bring back those who stopped visiting your business. They can give the information that will improve your service, making it even more attractive. More than that, attracting back a client is also a chance to have his loyalty to your business.

Be sure to register your customer's contact information. This way you will be able to find those clients that have stopped going to your business.

NEXTAR offers a list of inactive customers by the time you set. Then, customers who has not come to your store for a week, a month or an year, for example. With this list and as full contact information of your customers an action of rescue by email, telephone or message is possible.

The Individual List of Transactions is a helpful tool to bring back that person who was a frequent customer and for some reason is no longer shopping with you. With it, you know what products the client used to buy, if it was a daily customer and various other information.

An excellent opportunity to get in touch and advertise a promotion or a new product with his profile will encourage him to come back to your store.

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Make the right promotion

Have you already made a promotion with a super discount and did not sell what you expected? Or did you never risk creating a promotional action because you would not know where to start? One of the points for a successful promotion is to know the habits of your customers. With up-to-date customer registration, NEXTAR Software shows location, preferences, habits, and frequency of purchases in total or separately.

Completing the customer’s account, you will have a real treasure in the hands. With it, it is easy to get in touch by phone, email or message.

Separate clients by location (city, region or neighborhood), age, gender and many other options. After that, define different groups with different profiles and offer a personalized promotion for each group.

Analyse your inventory and identify products that are not selling much. So, analyse which clients have already purchased those products and make a special promotion. The right product to the right customer.

Offer special conditions to the birthdays of the day. Generate rankings of customers that purchase more in your business and show them how important they are, awarding or sending a thank you message.

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