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Let NEXTAR Customer Management System do the job for you. Use this system to assist with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process, and also to control your sales and inventory, your finances and much more!

With NEXTAR’s contact management system you have a complete client info database.

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Customer Registration With ID Photo

Registering your customers may turn out as a powerful client relationship marketing tool. The more info you have, the better you will meet your customer’s specific needs, improving the chances of attracting and winning them as regulars. NEXTAR Customer Registration Form goes beyond the basic: it gathers extra info such as Parenting Info (for underage customers); Preferred Delivery Person; Business Customers Registration, and much more. 

Multiple Address Registration

Fill out as many addresses as needed. Very useful for business customers with several branches, or if you want to add both the business and residential address of your client. 

Customer's Outstanding Balance Management

Do you offer the option for your regulars to buy on credit? Use the Customer Account Balance to control how much they owe you. Quickly and easily create an account for your client, link them to the sale on credit, and the amount due will be displayed on the CUSTOMERS screen. Set a default amount allowed to be left on credit, or even set a customized amount for each of your customers.

Delivery Route With Google Maps

You will be one click away to check the best route to deliver the ordered products to the customer’s address (based on the info provided by Google Maps). You can check the destination and the route straight from the customer’s form, and also on the sales screen as soon as you set up the delivery direction. 

Win Back Inactive Customers

NEXTAR offers a list of customers that haven’t been shopping with you in a while, or within any specific period. Last week, last month, for the whole year: it’s your pick! Use it in your favor: reach out to them offering special offers so you’ll have a chance to get them back to your store.

Report - Sales By Customer

Each client will have a complete and detailed chronological list of transactions. That’s a good opportunity to get in touch with them, letting them know about that promotion in particular that you’ve been preparing for those items that may be of their interest!

NEXTAR is the ultimate client management system for small businesses!

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Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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