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We know that inventory management is not easy, especially in the rush of everyday life. A stock that does not match, products lost, upset customers... A lot of work but a few results! That's why for over 15 years serving the small and medium business, with more than 46 thousand customers worldwide, we know exactly what you need: a software that simplifies your life!

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Since 2001 attending and simplifying the daily routine of commerce based on three well-defined values:

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Quick Registration

Point of Sales for Markets

Most part of your investment is in your stock. A good inventory management depends on a general control that starts in the product register. However, a reliable inventory system does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. We know how short your time is. That is why all system processes were created to make it easier to manage your inventory and spare time in your day.

You do not need to lose a sale if the product is not yet registered. The Quick Product Registration allows you to enter the basic information without losing either the sale or your inventory control. If you try to find a product that is not registered yet, the system will show the quick register with only three information: code, name/description and price. After entering this data, you will be able to complete the sale quickly.

Once you have completed the quick registration, you can include more information about the product at a later time. This complete registration is what will give all the support to control your stock. There you can define cost price and selling, enter the minimum and maximum stock, inform the supplier, quantity in stock and more.

NEXTAR allows you to speed up your registration even further by using barcode scanning. With the same reader, it will be possible to streamline all processes related to the entry and exit of products.

The "Clone" option allows you to repeat information of a particular product and maintain the same code. In this way, it is possible to register, for example, "shoe size 36", or "T-Shirt Black - XXL" and so on, keeping inventory management separate for each cloned product.

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Do not Lose Sales

The customer is looking for a basic product and can not find it. You are sure to have it, but when you check into inventory, you realize that you have forgotten to place the order or the product has finished earlier than expected. What happens then?

Be aware quickly of what is missing. With the inventory control and the NEXapp, you will not lose more sales due to lack of products!

The English of the app version will be available soon!

With the "NEXapp" the minimum inventory management is even agiler. Whenever the product reaches the quantity indicated as minimum stock in the product registry, a notification will be sent to your smartphone. The application is not available in English yet. You can only download it in Portuguese. The English version will be available soon!

The minimum stock definition considers the time between one purchase and another, in addition to other important factors. Set the minimum stock quantity of a product that you need to have in stock, so you will not miss it. Then just enter in the product register and consult at any time which products reached the minimum stock and need a new purchase in the "Products" main screen. Simple and fast.

When you have busy days, it becomes easy to forget to check the minimum inventory control. Then, NEXTAR will inform the Register Closure Report, which automatically will be sent to your email at the end of the day, or each time a register is closed. The Cash Register Report is one of the best tools to keep the inventory management well-organized.

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Purchase Better

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

Streamline the order to the supplier. With a well-organized stock management, monitoring the performance of products is much easier. Analyzing product sales behavior and the required frequency of purchases provides a powerful tool to negotiate with your supplier and achieve the best cost-benefit. The quick access to the purchasing information makes faster the contact between supplier and order, ensuring more profitable and optimized inventory control.

The supplier registration organizes and speeds up your requests. Once you register a product, you can easily link a supplier or even insert a second one on the same screen. In addition to the main supplier, other secondary providers can be reported in the product stock register. This will give you more agility and a much better stock management.

NEXTAR provides a way to generate a product control report, by the supplier, and expedite the order. The report will contain information about the provider, the cost price of each product and the maximum quantity to be ordered (maximum stock management). Just print the list and place the order.

If you want to purchase only products that have minimum stock, all you need to do is generate the report on the main screen of the "Products" menu. The minimum inventory control is the best way to have the stock updated and can be used easily with the reports provided by NEXTAR.

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Avoid Losing Products

Having an expired or outdated product in your stock means a real problem and lost products. It is crucial and directly affects the success of your business. With a single information, you will be able to solve this permanently.

The maximum stock of a product is the largest amount you need to have in stock between one purchase and another. This single information will prevent an excessive purchase that could result in loss of perishable goods or stranded stock.

On the registration screen, there is also the "Comments" (or Observations) field that can be used, for example, to inform the expiration date and location of the product in your inventory. In this case, just change and update this information with each new purchase.

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What is the value of your stock?

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

You need to analyze in general everything that involves your stock management to be able to make strategic decisions, as the right moment to carry out a promotion or the best pricing for your products, for example. Also, an inventory management is an important financial investment.

With NEXTAR, you will know exactly what is the value you have in your inventory!

The Statistics of Stock and Sales will show the amount of sales per product, commission generated by each of them, the amount paid, cost and profit, among others. This information will allow you to analyze the total amount invested in your stock and the profitability of a promotion. This analysis can be by product, answering the question: for example, if I lower the profit of the white shirt by 20% and put it on sale, how much can I earn from the total sale of the stock of this product? Likewise, the question may be related to a possible settlement of all products in stock.

The cost-per-product calculation will inform the total amount invested in each item in inventory and collaborate in a negotiation of payment term with your supplier. With this information, if you can negotiate a payment term that is equal to the term of sale, your stock will be financed by the supplier and not by you.

Inventory- con

Fractionated Sale

NEXTAR controls every input of fractionated sale. This way, you will be able to know precisely how much you bought and how much you sold in kilograms, for example. In the same way, you can have the stock control in meters or liters without losing any information. The fractionated sale will keep your inventory management.

In the product registration itself, you can check the option "allow fractionation". The next step is to quickly set the reading of the label generated by your precision scale. Performing these two procedures, you can scan the product entry by the kilo and sell it in grams, for example. This way you will accurate the stock management and have more flexibility, running your store with more safety and in a more profitable way.

After selecting the option of fractionation in the product register and define the unit as meter or liter (or any other type of fractionation), just inform the quantity at the time of sale, like this:

For example, in the sales screen, to sell 50 centimeters (cm), enter 0.5 in the quantity field;
Or, to sell 300 milliliters (ml), enter 0.3; and so on.

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