Free POS Software

NEXTAR offers a complete and very easy to use point of sale interface for your retail business.

Free POS Software

The Point of Sale, also known as POS, can be used in the cash register of your store for the customer to check the products added to the sale. This screen has many options that can be adjusted to better suit the needs of each store, such as text size, items to be shown, and a lot more.

The best way to understand if it fits your needs is testing it. Download it now, it's free!

Super easy Sale registration

POS Software screen. Super easy sale registration

The sale is the most important moment in your store. It doesn't mean it needs to be hard to do or be a slow process. With NEXTAR POS Software you will have an agile and easy way to sell your products, using or not your barcode reader and easily granting discounts, writing down sales comments, all with few clicks!

Quickly create a new product during the sale

Add new Product during the Sale

We know how costly and time consuming it is to insert all your products when implementing a new software at your store. So we developed the option to quickly create a new Product during the sale.

Just open the POS (Sales Screen) and enter the product description. If it is not registered yet, you can instantly fill in the code and price, having it added as a product of the current sale. It is very fast and of a great help!

Determine Seller

Determine Selles on the POS Software screen

Some stores have a single service terminal for more than one seller. So then in the act of the sale, to count the commission and also registering who made the sale, you can shift the seller, choosing which one is making the sale at that moment.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

It is very common for a store the need to control different payment methods. With this in mind we have developed a simple and customizable way to use the desired methods. Easily create and after the sale quickly select the payment methods that your customers prefer.


Features available on paid plans only. Learn more.

Finalize, cancel or leave it to Finish Later

Parked Sales. Finish Later

NEXTAR provides the ease of initializing a sale and checking out products at the cash register, then cancel so that nothing in that transaction will be posted. Or use the "Finish Later" option to put the sale on hold, keeping everything you've done up to that time in memory to finish later. This way you can register the sale of another customer while the previous one waits.  For example, when the customer realizes that he forgot his wallet in the car just at the time to pay for the Sale and you have an eager queue of customers waiting for him. With the "Finish Later" option you can then move forward with the queue until that customer returns.

Add comments to the sales

Add comments to the Sales

With this option you can add comments that will be stored beside each transaction, both in register as well as in the transaction history itself.

Depending on the chosen printing template in our Template Manager, you can also view these comments on the printed receipts.

Sales Table (filters)

Sales Filters

Reports and table checking are two very important points to a retailer. These two points will quickly help finding transactions, cancelled items, organize by date or time, or even look for sales with discounts, for example, and much more.

Edit a sale

Edit a Sale

Eventually you will need to review some already completed sales. NEXTAR lets you edit your sales in a current cash register, allowing you to change their products and payment methods, such as also the seller, the customer, add or change a comment and adjust, add or remove a previously granted discount.

Edit payment

Edit Payment

If what you need is simply edit a payment, you will be able to do that quickly. All you need to do is to select the transaction, click edit payment and replace the payment as you desire.

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PRO and PREMIUM Features

Some of the POS features are exclusive to paying customers in our very Affordable plans.
See pricing and more details here!

Sales performed by different Payment Methods

When obtaining the final value of a sale it is possible to define the payment method used by the customer. You can choose between pre-existing options or create new custom payment methods, such as for sales made with food vouchers, for example.

This information is reported along with sales and can also be viewed in the Register Report, where you can filter and add the entries for each payment method.

Including a discount at the sale

Add discounts to the sales by a given percentage or a determined amount. The discount by a given percentage is an exclusive feature of the Pro and Premium subscribers.

Debt control (On Account)

When a sale is made to a registered customer, the NEXTAR Software offers the option to leave a payment On Account, that is, you make the sale but can leave the total amount or part of the value remaining in the customer account to be paid later. The outstanding amount will be registered in your cash register transactions list highlighted in red, but will not be included in the total summary of the register.

Parked Sale, put the sale on hold

The parked sale is an excellent feature to better organize the sales process in stores that need to perform a sale in two stages; counter and cash register. With this feature you can make the sale on the counter, and then leave it on hold to finalize at the cash register. So, while the customer continues shopping, the products already chosen will be reserved in stock for him.

Once the customer has finished choosing all products, he can finalize the transaction at the cash register. This is a feature that allows you to split the sales process into two stages, without disrupting the normal flow of sales of other customers.
This feature is also widely used by shops working with sales that require an interval before they are completed, such as sales that require delivery, online sales, doorstep sales, etc.

Make payments through obtained credits

Another very important option for registered customers is the use of Credits to pay for the purchase. When a customer makes a purchase he can leave the value of the change in Credit to be used later. This information will appear in green next to customer's name. This credited amount can be used for future sales.

Loyalty System

NEXTAR POS Software has an advanced Loyalty system for your registered customers. You set in NEXTAR how many points the customers gain for each determined amount spent on purchases. Then you determine for each product the amount of points needed to trade for it. It is simple to create and a very efficient system for customer loyalty!

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