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Easily create quotations

The NEXTAR Software offers a comprehensive quotation model, where you can add the products to be estimated, granting discounts, observations, set the customer and set the validity of the estimate to be given.

Set an expiration date to your quotation

Contact customers and increase your sales! The expiration date is a great tool for you to control all generated sales quotations and to remind you to contact each customer to close the sale.

Send by email

Send the created estimate directly to the customer's email. It is a way to ensure that your customer will see your quotation later, thus increasing your chances of completing the sale.

Manage quotation statuses

On the Quotations menu list you have total control of every situation of generated sales quotations. The status is divided into Pending, Expired, Refused, Approved and Sold. You can always update the status of each estimate to properly manage each situation.

Filter to see all your Estimates with ease

You can view a complete history of all quotations in progress and filter quotations by customer name, creation date, value, validity or employee who generated the estimate.

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NEXTAR is free and complete POS Software, perfect for mini markets and supermarkets management. See all other easy-to-use features available.

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NEXTAR is a South American company, located in Florianopolis - Brazil, focused on changing the way small and medium-sized stores manage their business. With more than 15 years in the POS Software business, we have helped a lot of retail owners develop and grow. Our products are currently being used in more than 46,000 stores across the globe!