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Keep your suppliers handy!

Full registration of Suppliers and associated data

Register your suppliers with full details such as name, phone, e-mail, address, state registration, etc. You can add any type of information in the "Remarks" area, for example, you can enter the name or additional data of your contact for a particular supplier.

Supplier List with advanced filters

The Supplier list has an advanced filter system that lets you filter the list view for the field you want. This is very useful: for example, you can display only providers in a particular city or state.

Print Supplier List

Filter and print the supplier data for better control. With one click you will be able to generate and print the table.

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Nextar POS is free easy-to-use Point of Sale Software, perfect for markets, supermarkets and other small and medium businesses. See all other easy-to-use features available.

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