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NEXTAR is a complete, easy to use and free Point of Sale Software for your retail store

NEXTAR - Free POS Software for your retail

Bringing simplicity to over 45,000 stores worldwide

NEXTAR is free POS Software, perfect for small and medium retail store management. It offers very easy-to-use features for Sales Management, Product and Inventory management, Cash Register, Suppliers and Customer management, price quotation and much more.

Instant implementation: download and start using NEXTAR on your store in less then 2 minutes!

NEXTAR POS software can be installed in any PC (computer) running Windows.

An easy but powerful way to manage your store

We have 15+ years experience building software for small and medium retails worldwide.



So easy to use that you will never need training. If in doubt, videos and tutorials will help see you through.



It doesn't have to be simple to be free. NEXTAR offers complete POS software management to help you grow your business.



You own your data. NEXTAR is installed on your computer and nobody will have access to your information.

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NEXTAR, across the Globe

NEXTAR is a South American company, located in Florianopolis - Brazil, focused on changing the way small and medium-sized stores manage their business. With more than 15 years in the POS Software business, we have helped a lot of retail owners develop and grow. Our products are currently being used in more than 45,000 stores across the globe!