Terms of Service

This service is provided by "Nextar Software Technology ltda".

By downloading and using any of our software on any plan, paid or free, you are automatically agreeing to all the terms and conditions of use of this site.

1) Technical Service and Support

To receive technical support service, the customer must have a stable connection to the Internet and allow remote viewing access to the computer, or let one of our experts remotely control the machine that should receive support.

2) Software Update

To ensure optimum performance of the software, the customer agrees to keep the software up to date, using the latest version available. Normally, warnings are displayed in the software itself regarding updates, but we recommend that the user accesses the Nextar site frequently to check for new software updates.

3) Information exchange between the software and Nextar servers

To ensure the correct functioning of the software and enjoy all the advantages of Nextar technical support service, it is required to exchange software data, including store information and the customer database with the Nextar servers. This exchange of information is held securely and anonymously. Nextar may use this information in different ways, such as: creating reports for that same user to access from other computers, and to create anonymous sales statistics. This information may be transferred to third parties, always anonymously. Nextar will not disclose registration information, such as SSN or EIN, email addresses, or data about any establishment or customer to third parties. The aforementioned data will be kept in Nextar servers using best security practices and can only be accessed by the customer through a secure login and password created by the customer.

4) Features of the software and services

To ensure software quality and simplicity of operation, new features may appear in the software with each release. Also, old features may cease to exist or become a limited feature either in the free plan and/or Pro and Premium plans. The same can occur with services, such as support. Nextar makes no commitment to keep any functionality or service that has been offered in the past, whether paid or not.

5) Incompatibility of the Software with other programs

Because of the multitude of existing programs there may be incompatibly between Nextar software and some other programs already installed on the client computer.  Nextar will do everything possible to ensure correct operation when a mismatch is identified, but does not guarantee that a solution can be found.

6) Direct Distribution (unrepresented)

Nextar has no commercial representatives in any country. Distribution of the software and the registration of paid plans is carried out exclusively through our website: www.nextar.com (or www.programanex.com.br for the version in portuguese). Nextar is not responsible for any damage caused by any person purporting to be a representative of Nextar. If someone presents himself as a representative of Nextar, we suggest that the client does not accept any service and/or product of this third party.

It is forbidden for any individual or company to present themselves as a representative of NEXTAR POS software or Nextar company.

7) Advertising

Nextar can use at any time and without notice areas of the software to display advertising. Nextar will use best practices to ensure the software works with integrity and simply, always seeking to bring advertisers in the interest of the retail store market.

8) Reversal of Payments

Nextar does not perform reverse payment for cessation of use or withdrawal for any reason, regardless of acquired recurrence, monthly, semi-annual or annual. We offer 14 days free trial and we always suggest that the customer use these days to make sure that the program meets their needs before purchasing a subscription to one of our plans. Nextar will perform chargeback only in cases of error or recovery where Nextar may have inadvertently generated duplicate payments.

The Terms of Service and General Conditions of Use may be updated at any time. We recommend that the client frequently check for updates to ensure proper understanding of service.

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