Last updated: October 1th, 2021.

Welcome to NEXTAR (“Nextar Software Technology”). 

This Terms of Use is for you (USER), who accessed/registered on the NEXTAR website/is a subscriber to the PRO, PREMIUM and TAX plans of Nex  or Nextar POS (our commercial management software), and confirms the concern of the 

NEXTAR Software Technology LTDA (, located at The Innovation Center ACATE Primavera (Rodovia SC 401, Km 4 Bairro Saco Grande, Florianópolis - SC), registered with CNPJ under no 04.580.911/0001-96 (DEVELOPER) 

with your protection, because it is for the success of our users that we are all and all working daily! 


In compliance with the provisions of Law No. 13,709/2018 - General Law for the Protection of Personal Data - LGPD, we inform you that: 

1. This Term governs the use of our commercial management software   "NEX" and all features, applications, services and technologies made available by NEXTAR Software Technology LTDA. 

2. You who are "User" of nextar's website, must read and make sure that you understand this Terms of Use in order to accept the conditions set forth in it, being aware of all the information contained in its scope.Be aware: You should read this Term carefully and carefully, as it contains important information about your rights and obligations regarding access to or use of our products/services. 

3. To better meet your interests, it is indispensable to accept this Terms of Use (and other company policies and principles) when using the NEXTAR website, so that you have access to all the features of our commercial management software.Please note: By accessing/using our  Nex commercial managementsoftware, you agree to be bound by these Terms and comply with all of its rules. 

4. For your (and our) security, we comply with what civil laws determine about the ability to practice acts (necessary for your registration and for the contracting of our services):

a) You  represent that you are over 18 years of age;

b) if you are absolutely (Article 3 of  the CC) or relatively incapable (Article 4  of the CC),  WE REQUIRE the specific consent and, in particular, given by at least one parent or legal guardian in your registration and in the contracting of our services.c) If you are using our NEX commercial management software on behalf of an entity and/or legal entities under private law (Article 44 CC), you:

c.1) guarantees to be authorized to accept this Term on behalf of the respective entity and/or legal entity, as well as,

c.2) warrants that this entity and/or legal entity agrees to indemnify NEXTAR for any breaches of the obligations described in this Term.

Stay tuned: it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the personal data provided for the contracting of our services and keep them up todate. 

5. You, who is a User of nextar's website, are fully responsible for any and all acts you practice on our website.

Staytuned: NEXTAR is not obliged to process Personal Data of users who

a) use themselves in bad faith;

b) if there is the possibility of being held liable by NEXTAR for legal or regulatory infringement; or

c) if we detect that the user is using our environments (physical/digital) for illegal, unlawful or immoral purposes. 

6. If you (User) do not agree to any of the conditions set forth in this Term, you must not use the NEXTAR website. 


We prepare this Summary to present to you  the main conditions of this Term.

Staytuned:  the reading of this summary does not replace the reading (and acceptance) of all the information contained in its scope, which are listed below,  in item II (NEXTAR TERM OF USE).


Conditions of use

Support and Technical Support

To receive our technical service, you (user) need to have a stable Internet connection, and allow remote access to your computer, that is, let one of our specialists remotely access the machine that should receive support.

Software Update

To ensure the best functioning of our commercial management software,  you (user) undertake to keep our software always up to date, using the latest version available.

Stay tuned: Normally, notices are displayed in NEXTAR's own software, oriented on the need for updating, but we recommend that the user visit our website  frequently, to check for new updates.

Exchange of Information between the Software and nextar server

To ensure the correct functioning of the Software and enjoy all the advantages of our services, it is necessary to exchange data information from the software (and the user database) with NEXTAR's servers. This exchange of information is carried out securely and anonymously. 

NEXTAR may use this information in different ways, such as creating reports for the user himself to access from other computers and creating anonymous Sales statistics. This information may only be passed on to third parties anonymously.NEXTAR will not disclose registration data (such as: cnpj, cpf, rg, addressor email),from any establishment or user to thirdparties. This data will be kept on NEXTAR's servers through the best security practices, and can be accessed only by the user himself, through his login and password (which was created by the user himself, who is responsible for his/her security).

Features of the Software and our services

To ensure the quality of the software and the simplicity of its operation, new features may appear in the software with each version update, as well as old features may cease to exist or have limitations of use, both in the Free plan and in any of the paid plans. The same can happen with the offer of our services, such as support. 

Except in the cases provided forin  Law No. 9,609/98, NEXTAR does not undertake to maintain any functionality or service that has been offered in the past, regardless of whether they are charged or not.

Incompatibility of the Software with other Programs

Due to the multitude of existing programs (and that may be being used on users' machines), it is possible that nextar software may be incompatible with some other one already installed on your computer. 

NEXTAR will do its best to ensure the correct functioning of our software when a mismatch is identified, but we cannot guarantee that the solution can be found.

Direct distribution (no representatives)

NEXTAR has a program of CONSULTANTS, who can offer their services and indicate to our nex commercial managementsoftware, but without intermediary the commercial relationship between NEXTAR and the user. 

NEXTAR has no commercial representative in any region of Brazil or abroad, the distribution of our software, and the subscription of our paid plans, are carried out exclusively through one of our websites: or for download and for license subscription. 

Stay tuned: NEXTAR is not responsible for any damage caused by any individuals who present themselves as representatives of NEXTAR. If someone presents themselves as such, we suggest that the user does not accept any service and product of this third party.

It is expressly forbidden for any individual to present himself or her own commercial representative of NEXTAR and our NEX commercial management software.


NEXTAR may use areas of the software at any time, and without notice, to display advertising from advertisers. 

NEXTAR will apply usability best practices to ensure the operation of the software in its integrity and in a simple way, always seeking to bring advertisers of interest to the user's establishment.

Reversal of Payments

NEXTAR does not make a reversal of payment due to withdrawal of use, regardless of the acquired, monthly, semiannual or annual recurrence. For your peace of mind, in case of possible delay errors of NEXTAR (which may generate duplicate payments), NEXTAR is responsible for performing the reversal immediately.

Stay tuned: For a better user experience, we offer 14 days of "free trial", and we suggest that the user use these days to make sure that our commercial management software meets their needs, before purchasing the subscription to one of our plans.

Storage of data used by users

It is not within the scope of services offered in our NEX commercial management software, the storage of data used by users, which means that we do not automatically store this metadata in the cloud (nor do we automatically back up your daily information)

Be aware
: the user must back up daily, thus ensuring that all of their information is properly archived.

This version of nextar's Terms of Use dates from: October 1, 2021, but as we evolve every day - to fulfill our mission of  facilitating trade for all as efficiently as possible, this Notice may undergo adjustments at any time, to adapt it to the evolutions of our services.


1.What's this term for?

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NEXTAR, throughout the Globe!

NEXTAR is a Brazilian company focused on changing the way that small and medium-sized stores manage their businesses. We’ve been into the POS Software Business for 17 years now, and we have already helped several companies to grow. Our products are currently being used in

more than 50,000 stores over 190 countries!

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