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Task Automation

Point of Sales for Markets

When we own a store, we know how hard to stop to breath it is. Everything must be under control and everything needs to be known. How to create more time between so many things to do? Stop using calculator machines, typing the products or their price. Give your customer credibility. Also have NEXTAR notifications in your smartphone.

People are always hurried, there is no time to be thrown away. It includes you and your customers. NEXTAR gives you the whole tool, complete and integrated, telling you values to be paid, change, values that can be left in debt or credit. 
You can choose between the payment methods, or make the payment with two or more. At the end of the day, you will ask yourself why you used that little machine for so long. 

And there is more: all these values are kept, recorded in the system and can be checked later with information such as who gave that discount or when a de debt was created.

One of the best things about having a system is how easy it is to integrate peripherals to it. A barcode reader, or scanner, is the fastest way to sell. You will be able to add items up to ten times faster than typing the names or just their prices. Agility and quality: it is what makes your customer happier!

After adding products to the sale, you might need, or your client may want a receipt. NEXTAR offers you a large number of templates and a very easy way to connect your printer to the system. It could not be easier, faster and more personalized than this.

Do you prefer to type the code or the name/description of the product? No problem, NEXTAR will help you with it too. The Smart Search is a tool that looks for the word in any position of the product description, no matter if it is in the beginning, middle or in the end, you will find it.

If you prefer to use codes, typing them, the software will help you showing these codes anywhere between the codes, numbers and or letters, too. You will be able to work fastly, in the way you prefer.

Sometimes you have a customer that does not mind about those change coins. What you can do is to keep it for you, right? What if you show him that you valorize his money, and tell him that you will save it for the next time he comes? It would make him happy, make your client remember you and, of course, make him come back because he would have some credit to spend in your store.

Going further, let’s say that in a determined moment you do not have enough money to give as the change to your customer. You can ask him if he minds about saving it as credit for him too.

Credibility is a two-way road. You need your client to trust you, but you also need to trust your customer. And why not show this to him by letting him make part of the payments at other moments, when he wants or needs? It is one of those little things that build a loyal client and will get him to choose you instead of your competitor.

As well as the example used with the credits where you might do not have enough money for the change, what if the customer did not see that he had less money than he needed? You can just let him leave some products away and pay less, or you can tell him to pay the amount that is missing, later. A pleased and satisfied customer, even spending more! Consequently, a happier seller too!

When you have employees, even if it is someone of the family, you will really look for a way to keep an eye in your business. It can be for safety or just for checking how everything is going. 

The NEXapp is the big feature for that. Imagine yourself receiving notifications about each product that is sold in your store, having inventory information in your hands, and much more. NEXapp is the best way to follow up everything that happens in your store in real time.

The NEXapp feature will be available soon!

Inventory- con

Be versatile and attractive

With so much competition, nowadays it is almost impossible to survive if you do not opt for having that something more in your store. This something more is much more than some snacks. You will need to be creative and think about other ways to attract new customers. What else could you sell that would make someone new come to your store.

It can be hard to find different products than wine, whiskey, beer, etc, in liquor shops. Sometimes we could find some snacks too. Now you have to go further, do more. Find products that can fit the needs of more people. Some goods and services, you can earn much more if you add them to your menu, with a small cost. This is where NEXTAR enters, offering you a great way to find all these products by name, category, code and much more. No matter the quantity of products you have, you will never get lost with NEXTAR, because the system provides you a well-organized way and a complete registration, but still easy to find the products you are looking for.

What can be more attractive than receive credits each time you have to buy something? And so, be able to spend this credits in the next time something is purchased in the store. This is what the loyalty system provides. Each time your customer spend any amount in your business, he will receive an amount of points. These points can be exchanged by credits, in the way you have set before. 

This is one of the easiest and more simple ways to make your customer smile when he comes to pay for the products, and you say “Sir, you have some credits earned with the loyalty points!”. This client is going to go home happy and probably will tell his friends about this. What an opportunity to have a new loyal customer and, why not, his friends as new customers too.

The loyalty system definitely is a winner feature, but there is more! You will be able to exchange the points for gifts. The loyalty plan gives you the chance to offer rewards to your customers, just because he spent money in your store. One more chance to make your client happy in a simple way.

You just need to set the products you want to offer and so, tell the client. He will be able to claim a product as soon as he reaches as many points as needed for that product.

Be attractive means more and more benefits. Use the reports generated by NEXTAR to get a list of your best customers. Those who spend more than the others. For these, you can create a special promotion, give discounts, offer special loyalty points and much more. A happy customer is never too much.

When you arrive in a store, and you just can’t find the prices, most of the times you give up on these products. This way, the owner will make less profit. So many stores go bankrupt because of small mistakes. Being aware of every little thing is crucial. 

Quickly, print the shelf labels with NEXTAR. You can choose among a big number of templates, the price tag that fits better to your business. You can also print on self-adhesive price tags, to place them in the products.

Cash Register icon

Get the real profit

There is a mistake that is done very often. Many owners believe that the money they receive from the sold products is the profit! But they forget that they are also paying for the lease, insurances, marketing, sales taxes, etc. After everything is paid, what they get, can be called profit. But only after all of this!

So here is where NEXTAR is going to help you: get your expenses and add them to the cash register, using the option “Money Output”, once in the month. So you will be able to totalize the whole month. The system will sum and subtract all the values and give you the final amount. This value will be your profit.

Knowing your stock is crucial. Be aware of what are the best sellers and the products that you do not sell much. Knowing the best products, you will be able to create special promotions, to attract your customers to buy more often and also attract new customers. With a few clicks, NEXTAR shows you an easy-to-understand report, which will tell you which are the products that sell better and worse than others. 

This will also help you to know which are the products that you need to order in greater quantity, to your supplier and those which you should have less in the order, bringing a big save and raising your profits.

As well as your inventory, you need to know who is your customer, his needs and what kind of things he likes. This way you will be able to make the best promotions and offer different varieties of some specific products. Information such as age, gender and the average amount they spend each time. This way makes you sure of the best prices and the products you should offer him when he comes to your store. 

NEXTAR provides you statistics to check all these information easily. With a simple configuration of date, you will be able to have all these information in a few seconds.

By checking the products which sell more and which sell less, you now can control the Maximum Stock. That is, simply prepare the system to tell you the exact quantity of products you will need, to order to your supplier as soon as you need to refill your inventory. 

The Maximum Stock is the information that shows the quantity of each product that you need to order to your customer. NEXTAR will give you the exact quantity of each product, depending on the current stock, in a list. So you just need to print or export, then send to your supplier, to agile and simplify your order.

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Improve purchases

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

Our main go is to make your routine much easier, in order to provide you more time for your customer and for implementing new ideas to your business. Much of this simplified routine has to do with your inventory and how you manage it. NEXTAR provides you information and tools that will simply make the inventory control much easier, avoiding any possibility of money waste.

There is something really important that sometimes is forgotten by the storekeepers: the products in your stock mean money! This is the reason why a special care is needed with your inventory. Learn how to check how much you have in products, by category or by supplier. This will give you a starting point for better control.

If products mean money, stuck products mean a waste of it. Idle products in your shelves or storage can result in expired goods, losing them definitely.

Use NEXTAR reports to check the exact quantity you need of each product. Then, you will be able to tell the system the minimum stock, that will tell when to order, and the maximum stock, to know the quantity to be ordered. This simple configuration will give you complete information, which you can generate easily and quickly to never have more than you need and do not waste any more money.

Above, we said that a good control of the inventory is very important. However, what is also crucial are those whom you purchase your stock from: the suppliers. One of the most important points for the store owner is comparing prices. So, why not having a list of providers, categorized for each product? With this list, send emails with the complete relation of products that NEXTAR will generate to you with one or two clicks. So you will receive from them the prices and will be able to check where to purchase. 

It all looks really toilsome, right? But, with NEXTAR it is really simple and easy because we provide a simple way to have a complete supplier registration, with important information. Get the list of emails of your suppliers, export the list of products to a file and quickly send. A few seconds that will give you hours free and money saved in the pockets.

NEXTAR provides a handy way to keep aware of what you need to refill in your inventory. The Minimum Stock Report, which can be checked in the Statistics, filtered in the products list and in the Register Report that is sent to your email after each closed cash register, will tell you the products you need to purchase from your suppliers. You can export this list, or print, customizing the columns you want and how they will be shown. 

The Minimum Stock is a number, a quantity limit that your product can reach. From there on, the system will give you the information that you just need to order from your supplier. This quantity you can change, depending on the volume you usually sell. This will help you to keep your inventory complete, also avoid missing any sale, customer or money!

If products mean money, stuck products mean a waste of it. Idle products in your shelves or storage can result in expired goods, losing them definitely.Use NEXTAR reports to check the exact quantity you need of each product. Then, you will be able to tell the system the minimum stock, that will tell when to order, and the maximum stock, to know the quantity to be ordered. This simple configuration will give you complete information, which you can generate easily and quickly to never have more than you need and do not waste any more money.

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Bring back your clients

Having new customers is excellent, keeping them is remarkable, but bringing back those who, for some reason, stopped coming is crucial for the business. Get to know the reason why they opted not to come to your store anymore is very important. Are your products expensive or you just do not have such a great variety of products to these customers? Even if you are not able to bring these customers back, the information mean gold! With this information, you will also be able to avoid missing more customers.

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

Good prices and great products are what makes your store a favorite place to your customer. But will it be enough to keep them coming more often than they need? For that you need to call their attention. To have the best customers again and again in your store, you will need to make something different, some new. You need to have the best promotions!

See how easy it is to make these customers and new customers to come more often, checking the products you have, the favorite products of your customers. Get the best reports, checking who are your best customers and what those customers that stopped coming used to buy, what are the products they prefer and create special prices. You can als o sell a pack of products, all together, for a special price, for example, and earn much more!

Promotions and good prices, great place and the best products. What is missing is a way to spread it! With NEXTAR you will be able to register the customers, with many information, such as telephone and email, for example. NEXTAR can generate a list of these emails to you. So you can publicize massively, make your customer know what in your store is the best and attract him!

Newsletters are very common nowadays, and they are an excellent way to tell everyone what is hot in your business. This will also make those customers that were not coming anymore, see that there are something good for them there, bringing them back!

Controlling your inventory deeply, you will discover many products that are giving you loss, and you will just prefer not to sell it anymore. Maybe some product just stopped being produced, or in the current season, a particular product is not viable. So, there is no reason to have them in your products list anymore. Easily remove them from your list of products, bringing easiness to find the products that you are actually selling to your customers.

A powerful information is a record of what the customers that are not coming anymore used to buy, that NEXTAR can give you in a very easy way. What products are their favorite, the period of the year or month that they used to come more often and how much they used to spend. Put all these together with NEXTAR, and you will have in your hands the recipe to bring them back. Let them know that their favorite products have the best price in your store, create special promotions with these information and keep them using the loyalty system.

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Better Control

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

A POS Software can give you as many features as you can imagine. Put them all in a confusing system, making you unable to use half of them. But a good Point of Sale System thinks different. We believe you need a simple, agile and easy but still powerful system. A software that definitely will make your routine much easier. With NEXTAR, you will be able to learn how to use it all by yourself, master the tools and make you able to control all by yourself.

Perhaps your customers love to work in your store. Nice people and a great place to work. But people need to have an extra motivation to give their best. It is very common to listen that commissions are just a way to spend more and that it is not really needed. If you need to sell more, why not motivating the sellers to do it better? Who wouldn’t prefer to sell more to receive more money in the end of the month? This is where NEXTAR is going to help you. 

You can even choose if you want to give the commission over the Sale Price or the Profit of the product. The profit will be calculated whenever you want, checking the statistics of the sellers.

Your store is getting bigger, you already need more employees working simultaneously and you want to record who made each sale. During the sale, with a single click or pressing a single hotkey, NEXTAR will let you change the seller. More than that, if you prefer you can force the seller to identify himself, choosing in the list, to finish the sale. If you run your business correctly, using this option, you will be able to get much information such as who is your best seller, the commission for each of them, what products each employee sells better and much more.

Talking about the Cash Register management is usually a struggle. But NEXTAR is going to show you that it can be so easy that you will never think this way anymore. Have in your hands a total control and record of your transactions, money inputs and outputs, payment methods, the total of sales, balance and much more.

Money bills, credit or debit cards, vouchers, gift cards, credits from the loyalty system, checks or any kind of payments you use to use in your store, registered in an organized way and giving you the total confidence to the incoming values.

The feature of sending reports of the recently closed cash register by email is one of the favorites of our customers. That because it is one of the best ways to know everything that happened in the store during that period. It will send you a summary of the transactions, inventory, including products that you need to order, debts (On Account), money inputs and outputs and much more. This is the feature that will keep you a hundred percent connected, even if you need to be physically away from your business.

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