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Task Automation

Point of Sales for your Liquor Store

Running your own store can sometimes be stressful. You want to manage your inventory efficiently while still providing customers with a fast and friendly service. How to manage time wisely when you have so many things to do? Here's a tip: stop typing product or price information. Give your customers a more efficient buying experience with Nextar POS.

Save time and money. Offer your customers a better checkout experience while avoiding long lines. Calculate amount due and change automatically. Track customer debts and store credits and much more!

Allow multiple payment methods. Give your customers the freedom to pay with both cash and credit. Rest at ease: all purchase information are stored in the system and can be checked and reviewed at any time.

Nextar POS allows you to quickly set up and integrate peripherals to it. A barcode reader, or scanner, is the fastest way to sell. Avoid long lines and increase productivity by making the checkout process up to ten times faster. Provide your customers the speedy service they want with the quality they deserve!

Nextar POS offers you a large selection of templates so you can customize your receipts to look exactly how you want. It could not be easier, faster and more personalized than this.

When running a liquor store or wine store categorizing your inventory by country of origin or grape variety is important. Find a specific wine or whiskey in seconds. Our Smart Search tool helps you quickly pull up information from your inventory based on your customer's preference.

Some customers just don't like carrying coins around and will tell you to keep the change. Instead of keeping it, why not do something that will increase customer satisfaction and retention? Show your customers you care about their money and save it as Store Credit. Surprise them with extra discounts or offer your customers a voucher with the money you've been saving for them.

Building trust takes time and a lot of hard work. But is much easier if you have a POS Software that helps you with it. Offer your customers the possibility of buying on credit. This could increase sales and stimulate large purchases while building strong customer retention.

Sales On Credit have great marketing appeal. Be ahead of the competition and show your customers you trust them. Trust is the leading indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty and it promotes positive word of mouth. It is also cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones.

Inventory- con

Personalize and Grow

Stay ahead of the competition. Offer your customers a wider selection of services and products. Adapt to new changes in the market and go the extra mile for your customers. Nextar POS has built-in tools which can help you understand your customers’ shopping behavior, making it easier for you to go after products and services that can set you apart from the other businesses in your area.

The variety of products you offer and your inventory selection have an effect on the way customers see your business. Businesses that offer a wider selection of products and services are perceived as having higher quality. Not only that, new items are also a great marketing tool. Find items that can fit the wants and needs of your customers and increase your profits. Let Nextar POS Software help you organize these products in different, personalized ways, making it easier for you to decipher the wants and needs of your public. Our Inventory system offers a fast, well-organized way to add and manage products.

There's nothing customers love more than getting points for their purchases. Points that can be later traded for products, discounts or services. Research shows that Loyalty Programs can increase your average profit per customer from 25-100%. Loyal customers are 5x more likely to purchase again, 7x more likely to try new products and 4x more likely to refer their friends.
Boost growth and increase customer satisfaction by creating your own Loyalty Program with Nextar POS Software.

Implementing a Loyalty Program is definitely a great move. Not only it has great marketing appeal and increases customer retention but it can also help you move certain products. Creating targeted sales events and awarding customers points that can be later redeemed for products will optimize inventory turnover and boost sales. With Nextar POS Loyalty Program you can create a points system with your own Earning and Spending rules.

Good things happen to companies who go all-out for their customers. Use Nextar POS's statistics and reports to get a list of your best customers. You can later offer your most loyal customers special sales, discounts or loyalty points. A happy customer is going to buy more and is often willing to pay more. This creates a steadier cash flow for your business.

As a business owner, staying on top of every single detail is crucial. And that includes price tags. If customers can't easily find the price of a product more often than not they give up on it. Nextar POS can help you maintain a well-organized store.

Create and print shelf labels with our easy-to-use tool. Choose from a list of templates and print the price tag that better suits your business. You can also print self-adhesive price tags, to place them in the products.

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More Profit. Less Stress.

Easy Product Registration for your Liquor Store

Many business owners believe that the money they receive from products sold is the profit. They forget that there are other costs that go beyond the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). For example, your lease, insurance, marketing, sales taxes, etc. After making the necessary deducts, what is left is your real profit. This sounds like a lot of work, right?

Here's how Nextar POS Software can help: add your expenses to the Cash Register tool once a month and we will calculate your profits for you. The system will automatically subtract the added expenses from your revenue to give you the real profit.

Knowing your stock is crucial. So is being aware of which are your best and worst selling products. With this information on hand, you will be able to create special sales events and attract more customers. Nextar POS offers easy-to-understand reports, which will give all the product information you need. These reports will also show which products need to be ordered in greater or lesser quantity, helping you save money and increase profits.

Keeping track of your inventory is not enough to ensure your success. You also need to know your customers' shopping behavior. Nextar POS helps you understand your customers so that you know which products to buy and when it's time to create a sales event. Track information and generate statistics based on age, gender, and amount spent in the store. These statistics can assist you with making product recommendations tailored specifically to their tastes.

Control the Maximum Inventory Level of all your products with Nextar POS. So that you can better plan your reorders. The Maximum Inventory Level is the information that shows you the quantity you need to order from your suppliers. Nextar POS generates lists with the exact quantity of each product. All you have to do is export this list and send it to your supplier.

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Smarter Inventory Control

Statistics and Reports for your Liquor Store

Here at Nextar, our main goal is to simplify the day-to-day activities related to running a business. Giving you more time to focus on growing a successful business. One of the most time-consuming activities is managing inventory. That's why we created Nextar POS Software with tools designed to make the inventory management process faster and more efficient.

You know that increasing inventory cycle is important to the growth of your business. That's why it is so important to know exactly what you have on hand. Sort your products by category or supplier periodically to keep tabs on your inventory.

If products mean money, stuck products mean a waste of it. Idle products in your shelves or storage can result in expired goods, losing them definitely.

Use NEXTAR reports to check the exact quantity you need of each product. Then, you will be able to tell the system the minimum stock, that will tell when to order, and the maximum stock, to know the quantity to be ordered. This simple configuration will give you complete information, which you can generate easily and quickly to never have more than you need and do not waste any more money.

Having a trustworthy relationship with your suppliers is key to getting good prices and discounts. Nextar POS helps you organize and link all your suppliers to the products they sell. You can quickly find and contact them at any time with just a few clicks. So that later you can compare quotes and make sure you are getting the best deal.

Creating a list of suppliers is easy. With Nextar POS you can create supplier accounts and add all the information that you deem important. You can also export a list of products and quickly email it to them.

Nextar POS created a tool to notify you when an item is low in stock. The Minimum Inventory Level Report can be found in the Statistics screen. So you can create a product list ready to be emailed to your suppliers. You can also customize your product list before exporting or printing it. After setting a Minimum Inventory Level, Nextar POS Software will automatically give you all the information you need to place an order with your supplier.

Having products just sitting on the shelves or in the warehouse is a complete nightmare. That is why we advise you to periodically generate a report of the products you have on hands. Then you can set or change your minimum or maximum inventory levels. This simple set-up can save you thousands of dollars annually.

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Win Back Lost Customers

That is why knowing why someone decided to buy somewhere else is so important. With Nextar POS Software you can easily generate a list of inactive customers so that you can analyze their shopping behavior and create special marketing campaign tailored to them. Not only that but re-establishing contact may give valuable information which can later improve your business strategy.

Statistics and Reports for your Liquor Store

Having a good selection of products is great, but it might not be enough to keep customers coming back.
Increase customer retention by creating sales events designed especially to the wants and needs of those who frequently shop at your store.

With Nextar POS Software it is easy to study your customers' shopping behavior through reports and statistics so you have all the important tools for creating successful sales events. Boost sales by knowing which customers are more likely to buy in bulk, their favorite products and more!

Spread the word about special sales events, product discounts, and your rewards program. With Nextar POS you can create a customer account and add contact information such as email and telephone. Later you can generate a list of contacts email. Upload the list to your email service provider and start working on your marketing campaign.

Create newsletters, marketing campaigns and connect with your customers. This is also a great way to win back lost customers and to attract new ones.

Knowing which are your worst selling products is extremely important. When you study your inventory, you are bound to see products which are not selling as well as they used to. Easily remove products in bulk from your inventory to avoid reordering them.

Having a record of inactive customers shopping behavior is an important piece of information. Nextar POS generates it in seconds. Check shopping behavior by product, date, and amount spent in store. Combine all these information and you'll have the recipe to winning back lost customers. Increase customer retention. Contact them with special offers and services, create targeted marketing campaigns and sales events

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Personalized Tools

Statistics and Reports for your Liquor Store

Most Point-of-Sale softwares are loaded with features. More often than not, having too many features with a poor user interface is just too confusing. We look at Point-of-Sale softwares in a different way. We believe that what you need are efficient and easy-to-use features. A software that can truly simplify your routine. Nextar POS is so easy to use that you don't need to do a manual to learn how to use it. 

Commissions are a great way to motivate everybody in the business to help the company grow. Paying employees a commission can also benefit you. Job security and company stability increase, and the company’s payroll follows revenue creation. A commission structure also encourages transparency and team participation.

So if you need to boost sales, why not give your sales team more incentives? Nextar POS can help you with that. You can choose to base all commissions on Sales Price or Profit. The commissions are calculated instantly and you can check them at any time in the Statistics Screen.

Knowing who is making each sale is important. Especially if you are using a salary structure based on commissions. You can change and select a seller during a sale with just a single click or hotkey. Nextar POS even lets you make it mandatory for salespeople to identify themselves before finalizing a sale. By doing so, you can check who the best and worst sellers of your team are. Track commission rates, their best selling items and much more.

Knowing who is making each sale is important. Especially if you are using a salary structure based on commissions. You can change and select a seller during a sale with just a single click or hotkey. Nextar POS even lets you make it mandatory for salespeople to identify themselves before finalizing a sale. By doing so, you can check who the best and worst sellers of your team are. Track commission rates, their best selling items and much more.

Have all payment methods sorted and listed in an user-friendly way. Easily generate a list of cash flow, credit and debit card sales, vouchers, gift cards and much more.
This tool is completely customizable, making it easy for you to add different payment methods to keep up with the needs of the market.

Email sales reports with just a few clicks. Generate, export, and print reports easily. Nextar POS can be configured to automatically send you transactions reports, cash flow statements, inventory, product reorder checklist and much more. Have all your business information at your fingertips.

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