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US$ 156
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$ 21 / month
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Plan: FREE

Basic Features

Complete functionalities needed to manage any business.

Point of Sale

Make sales in just a few seconds with a clean and user-friendly interface. Track transactions, generate statistics and reports and more. Learn more.

Inventory Management

Never get lost with your inventory! Minimum and maximum stock control, individual control and filters with advanced options. Learn more.

Register Product

Complete product registration with image and many other information that will simplify the daily routine of your store. Exclusive System of Quick Product Registration which enables the fast deployment of the system in your store. Learn more

Customer Registration

Complete customer registration form and transaction lists that can be used to filter the customers displayed in many ways. Perfect for improving your relationship with your customers. 

Supplier Registration

Full supplier registration form and advanced filters to find suppliers for certain fields, such as display only certain city vendors.

Email Support

Complete functionalities needed to manage any business.

Help Center

Complete functionalities needed to manage any business.

Plan: PRO

US$ 15/month

The PRO plan allows you to use the NEXTAR Software  only in one machine (PC ).To use it as a network in more than one machine see the PREMIUM plan .

Advanced Features

Features that bring more safety, agility and detailing for the control of any business.

Cash Register Control

Full control of your money. Register Opening and closing , money counter, history of previous registers, transactions list, receipts reprint and more. Learn more

Debt Control (On Account)

This option is offered right after the sale. Very useful for a variety of situations where it is necessary to perform a sale and leave part or the entire payment to be made later. The debts are available for further consultation on the customer list.

Quotation (Estimates)

Create detailed Quotations for your customers and send it through email. Manage quotations by date or status.

Receive Register Reports by Email

Stay on top of what happens in your store! Get the your register reports automatically by email whenever a register is closed. You can customize the information and send it to as many emails as you want.

Use of Payment Methods

Assign different payment methods for your sales to best organize your business! The NEXTAR POS Software allows you to create different "labels" for the payment methods. This feature also serves to better control the Receivables as you can filter all the records by date and payment form.

Parked Sale

Better organize the sales process of your store. With the Parked Sale feature you can make a sale and leave it temporarily pending and the product reserved while the customer is still in the store selecting more products. It can also be used to restaurants where the customer gets the food and drinks and takes a table. You can make a parked sale to him, which will be available to be changed and paid at any moment.

Credits on Account

We understand how the business operates in their daily routine and know your customers' needs. With the Nextar Software PRO or PREMIUM plan you can leave credit in the customer's account and use the value in future purchases. It is helpful to resolve the lack of change issue.

Use of Coil Printers

With the PRO plan you can use specific printers to print receipts and quotations in paper coils. You can configure the receipt with the specific information from your store and choose between different options of preformatted templates.

Customer Loyalty System

The NEXTAR POS Software has an advanced Loyalty System for you to use with your costumers. You can configure how you want it to work. Your customers can accumulate points and it can be converted to values which can be used during the next sale.

Commission Control

With NEXTAR you can pay the commissions according to the sales of each seller. Each product can have a specific commission or, if you prefer, you can have a standard commission for them. It's a great way to motivate your team and increase sales.

Use of Precision Scales with Barcodes

The NEXTAR POS Software allows you to use the barcode printed in your precision scale machine to identify sales made by weight. You can set up the program to read the code generated through a barcode reader and translate this information at the time of the of sale, bringing the weight and the amount to be paid. With that you have full control of your inventory and agility at the time of selling products by weight.

Label Printing for Products

Print custom labels for your products using NEXTAR. You have many options of preformatted templates with the possibility of placing the specific information from your store such as name product information, etc.

Special Templates for Quotations

Deliver professional quotations for your customers! With the PRO plan of NEXTAR you can go far beyond the basic layout offered by the FREE plan. Choose from preformatted templates that better fits, also having a more stylish and professional look for your business.

Chat Support

Our team is at your disposal to answer questions and solve any problem that you may have.


US$ 25/month

The Free and PRO plans allow you to use the NEXTAR POS Software only in one service terminal (computer).
To use it as a network in more than one computer check our PREMIUM plan:

Multiple Service Terminals

Features that bring more safety, agility and detailing for the control of any business.

Multiple Service Terminals

Premium customers can use Nextar Software in more than one computer. This is very useful to separate server and register on different machines and also to allow multiple people to use the program at the same time, for example, if you have a sale at the counter and payment at the register. You can have as many POS as you need, input products to your inventory, check your reports and transactions, simultaneously!

Extended Hour Support

Schedule a support session with our agents, no matter when! (check availability)
Weekends or at dawn, we will be there to help you with your Nextar POS emergency questions and problems.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions about Plans

If the NEXTAR POS Software is free why do I have only 14 days to test?

You can use NEXTAR for free and without any time limit, with the FREE plan. However, we also offer the PRO and PREMIUM plans that have online support and more features. For these two plans that have monthly fees (click here to see the prices), we offer 14 days of Free Trial. This is important so that you can test them with no cost and discover in practice what is best for your store.

We recommend the PRO plan for all of those who are downloading NEXTAR for the first time because as well as experience the advanced features you can take advantage of the opportunity to rely on our online customer service during the 14 days of the test. A great benefit to deploy the system correctly in your store.

What happens when the 14 days of the PRO plan test (trial) finishes?

When the PRO plan trial (test period) finishes you have two options: subscribe the PRO plan choosing a form of payment or opting to stay in the FREE plan which is free forever. In both cases you will not lose any information of your store. You can also join the PREMIUM plan by subscribing it as the same way as the PRO plan.

Will I lose the data released after the trial period ?

No. Your database will continue to function normally without data loss even if you choose to continue to use with the FREE plan. Therefore all your sales information, cash register, product transactions (including inventory), customers and suppliers will continue exactly as before.

Can I migrate between plans before the end of the test period?

Yes. At any time you can switch to any plan including the Free plan. You can control the informations of your plan by accessing here.

And if I sign one of the paid plans but after a while I want to go back to free or even stop using ?

Only pay as long as you are satisfied . You can unsubscribe at any time and the program will continue to function normally without data loss. The benefits of PRO or PREMIUM plan will no longer work if you choose to return to the FREE plan.

How does the 14 days Free Trial (test period) work?

Truly Free Trial

At the end of the trial period you can choose to subscribe and stay in the paid plan or not. If you wish to stay you must make the payment. Otherwise, nothing else will be charged.

You will not loose any data or information

All your information will be kept, you will not loose any data. All your sales, products, stock and customers data will remain the same as before changing your plan, totally secure. So all your data, even those created during the test period, will remain valid.

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