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Bakery POS

Point of Sales for Markets

The sale is the most important moment in your bakery. It doesn't mean it needs to be a hard or slow process. With NEXTAR you will have an agile and easy way to sell your products, using or not your barcode scanner, quickly granting discounts and writing down sales comments. All with few clicks.

A Bakery usually has its products registered before any sale, but if you receive any products from your supplier and haven't registered them yet, you can do it quickly during the sale. If you try to find a product that is not yet registered, the software will offer you to quick create it, by informing the code/SKU, description name and price.

When you finalize the sale, you might want or need to print the receipt. NEXTAR provides you an easy to configure and fast printing system with all the important informations needed to run your bakery and to provide to your customer. Choose the printer type (simple paper or coil) and one of our personalized templates.

NEXTAR provides a simple to use barcode scanning system. You just have to "plug-and-play" and it will be ready to be used in the POS and inventory screens. The barcode scanner gives you agility and precision, saving up to 50% of your time that you could be spending with many other activities in your bakery.

Sometimes you prefer to facilitate the change because of the balance of the sale, many times caused by the added taxes, depending of the country or the reality of your business. It is very easy to solve, you just need to inform the amount to be discounted, that will be subtracted from the sale balance.

Assign different payment methods for your sales to best organize your business! The NEXTAR POS Software allows you to create different "labels" for the payment methods. This feature also serves to better control the Receivables as you can filter all the records by date and payment form. This feature is exclusive to the PRO and PREMIUM plans.

This feature gives you a great flexibility and speeds up your service. Whenever needed you can simply pause a sale, make another one and then resume it from where you've stopped, with all the products that had been added, already in the list. You can pause as many sales as you need. These sales will be in the parked sales list.

Inventory- con

Inventory Control

A complete control of the inventory can become a big headache for the owner of a bakery. Too many products and a bad software interface will make your daily routine more difficult and impossible to handle it properly. NEXTAR will show you that it can be different. Controlling your inventory will be so easy that you won’t even see it as a bad part of the day.

If you need to make loose sales, the Fractionated Sale feature will solve your problem. By marking in the product registration form you will be able to use fractions when typing the amount of that product. It is used when you sell products by kilos, liters, meters, etc.

We know how hard it is to keep the stock updated. With NEXTAR you will never have problems with products missing. The Minimum Stock feature will tell you when you need to have your inventory replenished. More than that, if you set the maximum stock, the system will report you the quantity to be replenished.

Now you know that NEXTAR will help you with the minimum stock, but it wouldn't be helpful if the system does not provide you a fast way to make the replenishment. With the Quick Replenishment feature you will be able to replenish a lot of products at the same time. You can also use the barcode scanner making it even faster.

Sometimes you have similar products in your bakery, same brand, same type, but with some difference and you want to sell it separately, with a different stock counting, etc. With NEXTAR all you need to do is to create the first of them and then clone it. A perfect copy will be made and all you'll need to do is to change part of the description and the stock.

A good inventory control is much more than the quantity of products, replenishment or pricings. The Financial Control provides important information that will let you know the total value that you are paying, the total incomes and much more. This is a very good way to have an overview, to know what is more affordable to you to buy for your bakery.

It is very important to know what product is selling more, how many of each is being sold in each sale and in what time. The List of Transactions shows separately all these information of each product on your list. With this feature, you will be able to check the most affordable items to be replenished in our bakery.

Cash Register icon

Cash Register

Independently if you have a small Grocery Store or a Supermarket, a full control of your transactions is totally necessary. By managing your register you can follow everything that happens in your market, even the small information such as payment methods or inflows.

Organize your employees work shifts in cash register closures, arranging transactions and information in different periods for a better management. A very simple way to set, bringing ease to your daily routine and a complete control of when your employees start and finish their work shifts. More than that, control the money flows of each cash register.

It's very usual that the manager has to handle the inputs and outputs of the cash register. A money input to the register can be for increasing the change limit of the market or to correct any mistake did by the clerk. The money output is used for the opposite situation, such as when you need to get money from a register to pay a supplier, for example.

Never let your business out of your sight. This powerful feature will create a trigger in your system to send you a report by email everytime you have a cash register closure in your market, automatically. This report will bring information such as necessary stock replenishments, profits, transactions overviews and much more.

Opening or closing a cash register sometimes takes a long time, especially if you use a calculator to count the money. NEXTAR will provide you an easier and faster way to do that. The Money Counter will help you to cash up quickly and more carefully, saving time on those busy days.

With NEXTAR you will be able to totalize periods of time to get many types of reports. This totalization can be done in determined days, week, months or yearly, you are who choose this period of time. This way you will be able to get informations of Profits, sales by Category, Payment Methods, Financial Summaries and much more.

This is a very useful report that the Register can provide. It will show you every product sold currently or previously, with many important information, such as the total profit of that product in the period, sales value, quantity of sales of each products and much more.

Cash Register icon

Cash Drawer Support

There is always a concern about what to do and how to keep the money safely in your bakery. You don't need to have a cash register machine for that. Problem solved, NEXTAR supports cash drawers! It will only open the drawer when a receipt is printed, so your employee will be able to place the money inside safely.

Cash Register icon

Statistics & Reports

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

For an optimal control of your business, you will need at least a minimum of reports. The NEXTAR POS Software provides you customizable reports, where you can create different filters. In addition, statistics that will bring important information, such as commission control of your employees and much more.

In a very easy way, you can make your own filter in the NEXTAR's tables. Just by dragging the column header, you can create filters and sub-filters. With this feature you can create forms to be printed or exported, organizing tables by time, type, category and much more.

Check the total of your sales, get information such as quantity, commission for your employees, the total amount, and more. All this separated by employees as default, but also customizable. It is, you can also check by products, by category, by quantity and much more.

This is a very easy way to improve the stock control. These statistics will show a report of products, in the period that was determined by you. This report will show details of the sales quantity, stock, total price, discounts, cost and profit in a complete list that can be easily handled.

If you are looking for a way to give rewards to your customer or is just looking for the information to know who are your best customers, this statistic is going to help you. Check the list by the amount spent in your store in the period determined by you. You can also print and export this statistics.

Sometimes the manager of the market does not have enough time to be checking these reports on the computer. So NEXTAR provides to them the option to print the statistics and reports. With a single click, you will be able to quickly print and have those information in your hands.

You can easily export your tables, statistics and or reports to an XLS file. It is, you will be able to save it to your computer as a Microsoft Excel's file. By doing this, you will be able to work with filters and manage it in your computer. Many people prefer to work this way to keep the information saved and because it was how they used to do before NEXTAR.

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