Our Mission

Make retail easier so more people can turn dreams and ideas into successful stories.

Facilitate commerce

We love retail and we love to make it easy! 

We know that creating a simple and easy to use system is quite a task, which is why our daily workforce is completely focused on facilitating commerce for everyone. You will understand that this is not just a text when you actually go through the Nextar experience: subscription and cancellation of plans without complications, being able to make your first sale as soon as you start using Nextar and having access to our support in a few minutes, whenever you need it. (check the service hours).

Since the foundation, our main objective has always been to put technology at the service of facilitating the routine of merchants. Experiencing this for 19 years, daily, is what makes Nextar a company truly connected to the challenges of entrepreneurship in Brazil and worldwide.

So that more people

Our commitment is not only to create the best retail management system, but also to make it reach and help as many shopkeepers as possible. That's why we keep our values affordable, so that more people have a simple, quality system at a fair price.

That’s also why we have a free plan that doesn’t have an expiration date, because we want to work together to make your business prosper and you can quickly use our most advanced plan as soon as possible.

Patrícia and Sueli Alves - Clube Chantilly
Moises das Neves - Casa das Fontes

Turn dreams and ideas

Every day, we hear stories, like Nextar’s, of people who turned dreams and ideas into reality, opening a small business and keeping their store open with great determination even when facing difficulties. This is how we are inspired to continue offering the best of us, whether in our product or during the support service.

Like the story of Moisés, who began with an empty space and a dream in his heart and today has his own computer and cell phone accessories store in Brazil, focused on offering not only products, but also personalized service for each client.

Into success stories

We know that you, merchants and entrepreneurs from all over the world, have all the will it takes to achieve anything and turn your dreams and ideas into successful stories!

Cintia Santos - Corujinha Brinquedos

NEXTAR POS System serves for all types of business

Bringing simplicity to over 50,000 stores worldwide!

Retail Store

Grocery Store
Phone Store
Computer Store
Hardware Store
Clothing Store
Book Store
Cosmetics Store


Auto Repair
Barber Shop
Nail and Hair Salon
Repair Shop

Food & Drink

Coffee Shop
Ice Cream Shop
Bar/ Pub
Butcher Shop
Candy Shop
Wine Store

A Nextar é uma empresa especializada em desenvolvimento de software para comércio, com 16 anos de experiência, presente em mais de 50 mil estabelecimentos em todo Brasil.

Criadora do Programa NEX, para lojas e comércios de todos os tipos e também do gerenciador de Lan Houses NexCafé, possui conhecimento profundo do dia a dia de seus clientes e oferece soluções de qualidade para transformar o gerenciamento de um comércio em uma tarefa simples, fácil e segura.

Conheça melhor a Nextar

NEXTAR, throughout the Globe!

NEXTAR is a Brazilian company focused on changing the way that small and medium-sized stores manage their businesses. We’ve been into the POS Software Business for 17 years now, and we have already helped several companies to grow. Our products are currently being used in

more than 50,000 stores over 190 countries!
Elétrica Assis
Yavi Moda
Vip Jeans
Corujinha Brinquedos
das Neves
Casa das Fontes
Patrícia and
Sueli Alves
Clube Chantilly

It’s the people who make the commerce

Whether selling, buying or creating technology to facilitate this entire process. That's why we love listening to each client, knowing their stories and understanding their needs and dreams. We also exercise listening among ourselves, the people who make up Nextar. Thus, our best ideas are born from the exchange of experiences we have with clients and with each person who works at Nextar.

And we are very proud to see our teams growing, even more so when we can follow the evolution of each person. For this reason, everyone who joins in collaborating with Nextar receives a creative stimulus, an incentive to study and improve all their knowledge.

Every person who works here is invited to celebrate all the differences that make us a team. We understand that the entrepreneurial spirit in Brazil and in the world is diverse and we seek to reflect this in Nextar as well. All the people who are part of our history need one thing in common: love for commerce.

We know the responsibility we have to each user and honoring this commitment to simplifying commerce is our priority. We take care of every aspect of this mission with lightness and joy.

Our team

We love technology

We love retail and the technology is our way of expressing it.

The “small” segment is huge in its economic and social importance, therefore it deserves the best technology available to facilitate its operations. Knowing this, we created Nextar: a simple and accessible system for anyone to manage their commerce, without complications.