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Track your Profits

Be aware of your real profit - NEXTAR POS

Do you want to keep tabs on what happens in your store? NEXTAR's Cash Register System for small businesses was developed to help you monitor sales and employee performance, identify your client's persona, check profits during a chosen period, and more. We believe that helping you better understand your business can lead to higher profits and lower inventory costs.

One of the greatest advantages of being a small business is the fast decision-making. We know that there is nothing better than detailed reports and metrics to help you in these moments. That is why NEXTAR POS Software provides customized reports for any period that you wish to analyze. Check it right away on the screen, export to Excel or print the reports.

If you wish to monitor and manage sales and profits on Excel, you can easily do so by converting any report or table to .xml format. NEXTAR also lets you customize columns by setting them in a way that best suits your business needs. This feature increases the ways in which you can track business activities across platforms.

NEXTAR gives you instant access to previous registers information right from the Cash Register Screen. Check opening and closing dates, user information, income and expenses, opening and closing balances, cash register overage and shortage and more.

In order for all profit functionalities to be correct, you must define the sales price and cost of each product when completing the registration process. Or if you prefer, you can also set an overall or default Markup*.

*Markup is the percentage added to the cost price of products to cover overhead and profit. For example, a markup of 50% on a product that costs $100, generates a sale price of $150.

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Transactions in Real-time

We know that running a business can be hectic at times. Tracking inventory, managing a team and analyzing reports, all while trying to build a strong relationship with customers in order to make your business grow. With so many things to keep track of, you need a software that makes it easy for you monitor your business. NEXTAR built to simplify your routine! Track payments and sales in real time, wherever you are.

The "View total" button in the Cash Register menu shows important information about the current Register: financial summary, payments, sales sorted by product or category and a list of all transactions performed.

Nextar’s Point of Sale System is easy to use and is integrated with a variety of equipment such as coupon printers, barcode scanner, scales and cash drawer.

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Faster Cash Register Processing

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

Waiting lines make up the bulk of a customer's experience. That’s why a fast cash register processing is so important. Not only that, but register closing is always a vulnerable moment for cashiers. The faster you close your register, the lower are the chances of money being exposed. NEXTAR tools were developed to speed up checkout and improve safety!

Implementing cash-handling procedures is important during Register closing and opening because it protects all parties involved in the process and most importantly, your business. The Money Counter tool simplifies and speeds up the cash balancing process by increasing safety and decreasing checkout lines.

The Summary by Payment tool will help you expedite the cashier balancing process. Check total credit card, debit card or check payments with a simple click. Easily get this information on the "Payment Methods" tab which can be exported to .xls and also printed with a single command or a couple of clicks.

In order to properly track sales and transactions, you must implement proper cash-handling procedures. Given that most stores start out with the amount of cash left in the drawer, the process of proving out a cash register has to start at the end of the previous day. For this reason, Nextar POS notifies you automatically when there’s a discrepancy during cashier closing.

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Separate Cash Registers by User

Dealing with money demands a lot of responsibility, wouldn't you agree? Avoid confusion and leave no room for error! Track employees' transactions and performance by opening and closing the cash register as many times as needed. By doing so, employees will only be responsible for actions taken during their shift. On the other hand, you will track the performance of each one separately. No confusion and with the smallest margin of error possible!

We offer two cash register identification options:
• Through login and password access, the user is identified at the opening of the system.
• Alternatively, through an extra identification process at the cash register opening

The first option is the safest. All you have to do is create a username and password for each employee. With this option, each employee has to enter their credentials at the start and end of the shift.

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Cash Pull and Payout Control

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

If you have a business partner or someone else who is authorized to take money from the register or order to make cash drops or paying out suppliers, you are going to love NEXTAR POS.We have developed a way for you to easily identify each register withdrawal. All you have to do is type an amount and add a note explaining it in the "comments" field.

Employees can justify a withdrawal in the "Comments" field of the "Expenses" button. e.g "payout" or "cash pull". Making the cash management process more objective as it helps you also keep track of all payments made from the cashier. At the end of the day, the final register report will show any and all withdrawals and their justifications.

Track cash flow and stay on top of your money by never losing information on any cash pull. If you ever have any question about the amounts shown in a register, you can click on the "View Total" button and track all your income and expenses.

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Simplified routine

When running a business most of your focus is around costs and pricing, selling and customer service. NEXTAR POS Software was built to bring efficiency and simplicity to all aspects related to running a business. The control of all Cash Register transactions, for example, is literally at your hands so that you can easily perform operations and keep track of everything that happens in your business. All in a single screen!

Have you ever entered incorrect information during a sale or cash register transaction? On the current cash register screen, click the edit or cancel transaction button and you're all set! With a couple of clicks, you can cancel items, change the payment method and replace the seller.

Generate current and previous cash register flow reports, check payment methods, view all transactions and sales activity, add or withdraw money and set up Nextar POS to send cash register reports directly to your email. All that on a single screen.

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NEXTAR is a simple and affordable way to streamline your routine and gain control over operational tasks. Try it for free now. No credit card needed!

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