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Build Customer Loyalty

Point of Sales for Markets

Loyalty Programs are a great way to build customer satisfaction and retention while increasing profits. Offering customer exclusive benefits is what could set you apart from your competitors.

NEXTAR's Loyalty Program makes it easy to set up a Reward Points System to turn your customers' purchases into points. Increase sales by creating marketing campaigns to encourage customers to accumulate more points. Use the Quick Points Search tool to show shoppers how many points they need to claim a particular prize or benefit.

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Set up a Loyalty Program where customers can exchange points for products. Stipulate your own “Earning and Spending Points” rules and create a customized rewards system.

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Know Your Customer

Marketing Experts from all around the world agree: If you want to increase sales now you have to start getting to know your customers. Understanding the wants and needs of shoppers is the best way to offer them exactly WHAT they are looking for. In addition to that, knowing your public increases your chances of attracting new customers.

All you need to create a Customer Account is a name, but the more information you have about your them, the better it is for business. 
Collect more information as customers return to your store in order to strengthen your business strategy. Information is also the engine behind a good Loyalty Program. You can later generate reports and statistics to offer your customers exactly what they need.

Improve your customers’ shopping experience by creating personalized accounts. Set credit limits, define shipping and delivery routes, and much more. Organize accounting process. Add a resale number, track costs, generate sales reports and invoices.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

You have an opportunity to build a relationship with customers the moment they sign up for a Rewards Program. Give customers the special treatment they deserve for choosing to shop with you. Offer them special discount and sales based on their shopping behavior. Convenience is what will set you apart in a competitive market.

Simplify the shipping and delivery process with Nextar POS. Add multiple addresses to the accounts and use the "Address" field and the "Comments" section to identify shipping/billing preferences.
Once you type in the customer or company name, you immediately gain access to their addresses. On top of that, you can also check the delivery route for each address.

The Account Debt Control tool can be used for many different purposes:
•   Create a Bill You Later system by quickly saving a customers purchases to their account;

•   If you work with Purchase Orders, you can easily generate invoices to be later sent out to customers and companies;

•   You can also offer customers a payment plan option. Every time a customer makes a payment, the amount is automatically deducted from their account.

A great way to increase customer retention is to offer them Store Credit for their returns. In order to do that, all you have to do is open an account for the customer and issue the store credit. This way, the next time a customer makes a purchase, they can use their store credit as part of the payment.

The Credit tool can also be used as part of a Layaway Program. Customers can put a down payment and make weekly or monthly payments before receiving a product. This tool is especially useful during the Holiday Seasons and Sales events.

Find customers quickly using the Smart Search tool. Search by ID number, Last Name or Customer Code. Get the information you are looking for with just a few clicks. This feature can also be used to search for transactions, for example. The Smart Search tool gives you more efficiency and speed.

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Fraud Prevention

The Loyalty Program helps you increase customer satisfaction, value, and retention. NEXTAR provides a personalized identification system with photo and notes, as well as reports on individual transactions. With this information, it is possible to identify customers using Credit Card or claiming rewards.

The account form lets you collect specific information from your customers. Make business transactions safer by uploading a picture from your webcam to your Customer Account. This way, it is possible to check a customer identity before they claim rewards, for example.

Set a default credit limit or increase a customer's credit line. Nextar POS will also alert you every time a customer reaches their credit limit

Use the “Comments” section of the account form to add extra information about customers. This information can later be easily located through our search engine.

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Win Back Lost Customers

Statistics and Reports for Supermarkets

From a marketing standpoint, lost customers are more valuable than stone cold prospects. Find out exactly why they left as they can provide you with the intel you need to create a new and more profitable offer for your customers. It also allows you the unique chance to promote a work culture based on strengthening the relationship with your customers.

As soon as you start using NEXTAR, encourage customers to create an account and leave contact information. This will later come in handy when you check for customers who have stopped visiting your store.

NEXTAR has an Inactive Customers feature, where you can check how long a shopper hasn't been to your store. Check this list periodically and win back lost customers. Contact them special offers or discounts by email or telephone.

The Individual List of Transactions is a helpful tool to bring back lost customers. It details the products the customer used to buy. This gives you an excellent opportunity to get in touch and advertise special sales events and products that cater to their preferences.

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Create Successful Sales Events

Knowing exactly when and what items to put on sale can be a great way to boost sales. Generate detailed statistics and reports that can help you better understand your customers' shopping behavior. By keeping your customer account updated, Nextar POS gives you access to precious information such as purchasing habits, shopping frequency, customer preferences and much more.

Having a complete customer account is extremely valuable. Contact your customers by phone or email with special offers and discounts and increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Sort customers by location (city, county, region), age, gender and much more. After that, you can create different groups and offer personalized sales events.

Analyze your inventory and identify products that are not selling much. Know which customers have previously bought these products and offer them at a special price. Targeted Sales Events will boost customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Offer special offers to customers on their birthday. Generate a list of your best customers based on purchase volume and contact them with special offers.

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NEXTAR is a simple and affordable way to streamline your routine and gain control over operational tasks. Try it for free now. No credit card needed!

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