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Bakery POS

Point of Sales for Bakeries

Discover simple ways to make the selling process more efficient, effective and most importantly, boost sales. Our software was designed to give you and your customers a stress-free checkout experience through increased convenience.

Having all products in stock before selling is ideal, but If by any chance you come across a product that hasn't yet been inventoried, you can quickly add it during checkout. Just enter a product code/SKU, name and price and it will be automatically added to your inventory.

You may also send orders to be printed in another department, or, print a receipt once the sale is completed. Nextar POS offers an easy way to pair your printer to the software, as well as a wide range of customizable templates. Choose the type of printer (simple or coil) and a template.

Nextar Point of Sale provides an easy-to-use barcode scanning system. Just plug it into your computer to start using it in your Point of Sale and Inventory Screens. A barcode scanner can be up to 50% more efficient than the manual process. Use the time you'll be saving to focus on other areas of your business.

Some of the most popular reasons for offering products at a discounted price is to boost customer satisfaction, facilitate change or promote package deals. Use the Discounts feature as a negotiation tool. Press a key and enter the amount to be deducted from the sales total right from the checkout screen.

Accept multiple payment methods. Customers can use multiple forms of payment for the same order! Nextar's POS System for small bakerys allows you to label and edit every payment method. This feature helps you expedite the accounts receivable process since you can filter transactions by date and payment method. This feature is exclusive to PRO and PREMIUM accounts.

This feature was created to give you more flexibility and autonomy in your dealings and production management. Take multiple orders from customers, perform other tasks and later resume it from where you left off. This tool is also useful when orders are sent to another department before being finalized. These sales will then be saved in your Orders list.

Inventory- con

Inventory Management

Our clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to add new products quickly and keep track of important stock-related information such as product levels, purchase costs and more. These features were created to help you stay ahead of the demand curve, keep the right amount of products on hand and plan ahead for seasonal changes or sales events.

Inventory Control for your Bakery

Check the Fractional Sale box when adding a product to keep track of how many units are sold. Every time you sell an item by weight or length, it will be automatically deducted from the bulk.

Forecast your inventory needs and know exactly when to reorder with the Minimum Inventory Level feature. You'll receive an alert every time a product goes below the determined level so you know when and how many to order.

Nextar POS offers a fast solution to product replenishment. The Quick Replenishment feature allows you to replenish products in bulk. You can also use the barcode scanner making it even faster.

Bakeries tend to have products variants, especially when it comes to the ingredients used (gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, etc.) and entering individual products can be time-consuming. Improve the inventorying process by duplicating products and editing the desired information.

Efficient inventory management goes beyond product tracking and organization. Get essential information regarding inventory costs, detailed reports on items sold and more. Analyzing this information will have a positive impact on your bakery, helping you make better purchase decisions and save money.

Anticipate the needs of your customers and guarantee purchases at the best price. The List of Transactions shows product sales volume over a specified period which can help you better manage seasonal products.

Cash Register icon

Cash Register

No matter the size of your bakery, having full control of transactions is vital for the success of your business. Keep track of the money in your store. Follow your cash flow carefully, as well as other valuable information such as payment methods and products sold.

Cash Register control for Bakery

Organize employees shifts, sort and filter transactions and other information by date, payment method, and more. These features were created to simplify your routine while giving you total management control of your team and money.

Managers are usually responsible for important Cash Register activities such as cash pulls and payouts. Click on "Pay In" when you need to increase the change limit or correct any mistake done by the Cashier. And click "Pay Out" when you need to do a cash pull to pay a supplier or to make a cash drop.

This feature will automatically send you an email every time your cash register is balanced, keeping you up to date on all business dealings. You'll receive an email with detailed information about your inventory and items that need to be reordered, the profit made on that day, an overview of all transactions and more.

Opening or closing a cash register could take up a lot of your time, especially if you use a calculator to count the money. Nextar POS will provide you an easier and faster way to do that. The Money Counter tool was designed to speed up the register balancing process and save you time.

Nextar POS offers a simple way to calculate the total amount of sales in a given period (days, weeks, month, years) so that you can generate different reports and improve your business strategy. These reports can provide you with important business information such as profits, sales by category, payment methods, financial summaries and more.

This extremely useful report shows a list of every product sold, the profit made on that product in a given period, sales value, number of items sold and much more. This set of information can be used to create an effective business strategy.

Cash Register icon

Price Tags and Labels

As a bakery or cake shop owner, staying on top of every single detail is crucial. And that includes price tags and labels. If customers can't easily find the price of a product, they give up on it. Nextar POS can help you maintain a well-organized store.
Create and print shelf labels with our easy-to-use tool. Choose from a list of templates and print the price tag that better suits your business. You can also print self-adhesive price tags, to place them in the products.

Cash Register icon

Cash Handling Support

Nextar POS offers a simple feature designed to make the cash handling procedures safer. Our software is compatible with most cash drawers, which means that once you have paired them to Nextar POS, the cash register will only open when a receipt is printed.

Cash Register icon

Statistics & Reports

Statistics and Reports for Bakeries

If you wish to run your bakery or cake shop more efficiently and take it to the next level, you'll need to analyze your business reports. Nextar POS provides many customizable reports that can help you better understand what your customers want and what your business needs.

This feature provides an easy way to improve your inventory management. Generate reports about specific products over a determined period. Check important information such as the number of items sold and items on hand, the profit made, discounts and cost.

Check the total of your sales, get information such as quantity, commission for your employees, the total amount, and more. All this separated by employees as default, but also customizable. It is, you can also check by products, by category, by quantity and much more.

This is a very easy way to improve the stock control of your small bakery. These statistics will show a report of products, in the period that was determined by you. This report will show details of the sales quantity, stock, total price, discounts, cost and profit margin in a complete list that can be easily handled.

Take important business reports and statistics with you on the go. Nextar POS Software provides a one-click option to print and export them.

Sometimes the manager of the market does not have enough time to be checking these reports on the computer. So NEXTAR provides to them the option to print the statistics and reports. With a single click, you will be able to quickly print and have those information in your hands.

Open your business files on Microsoft's Excel, export it to your cloud, or email them to you. So that you can always manage or review important information about your business wherever you are and on multiple platforms.

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Delivery Management

NEXTAR assists you dealing with the orders that are set to go in an extremely efficient way. This is the perfect pick for your bakery, cake shop or any other delivery-based small business. Manage your Delivery Orders and route in a simple and intuitive system.

And much more...

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