Store Credits: Debt Management

NEXTAR POS is a complete sales management software that includes Debt Control.

Using Debt Management in your store, your customer will be able to make a partial payment or leave the total amount to be paid in the future.

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Easily make a partial payment or leave the total amount to be paid later

In any sale, your customer will be able to ask to leave the total amount or part of it on their account. He will just need to have to be registered, so then it will be saved and will be waiting for a future payment. All you need to do is type zero or type the partial amount, then assign the option to save On Account.

Set debt limit values

The Debt Management feature is customizable. You can establish a Standard Debt Limit to your store so then all customers will have the same limit, when using the default configuration. But if you want to give a special limit, higher or lower, to other customers, it can be easily done by setting the "Custom Debt Limit" option by editing the customer's account. You can also set your NEXTAR to not allow debts or configure it to a single customer account.

Print debt statements

Anytime you need, you can print the debts of any client. This option will print the items table, showing the details of each debt, such as date, time, the purchase itself, etc.

Debt Paying

The amount On Account can be seen in the Customers menu, in the left sidebar. The balance will be shown in red on the screen. So when your customer comes to pay the debt, you can easily select the chosen transaction.

The best way to understand if it fits your needs is by testing.

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How NEXTAR will help you with your Debt Management

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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