Delivery Management Software

It’s never been so easy to manage the delivery orders of your store!

NEXTAR assists you dealing with the orders that are set to go in an extremely efficient way. This is the perfect pick for your restaurant, pizza place or any other delivery-based business. Take advantage of NEXTAR’s complete delivery solutions.

And as if this is not good enough already, NEXTAR also offers lots of extra features to help you managing your company, such as Stock Control, Point of Sales, Finance Statistics, Cash Register and more!

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Delivery Order Management System

NEXTAR Delivery Orders system is extremely simple and intuitive. You start the order, set the directions for delivery, view the route on the map, choose the delivery person and add a delivery fee. All of this in under one minute! As simple as it should be.

List Of Pending Orders To Go

Group and check all the orders that are ready to go. Sort by the products, by address, or by the customers, and trace the best route to deliver the items more efficiently, making sure that it will arrive as quickly as possible at your customer’s place. NEXTAR helps your small business with sales order management!

Check The Best Route On Google Maps

One click. That’s all it takes to check the best route to deliver the ordered products to the customer’s address (based on the info provided by Google Maps). You can check that at any time, regardless of the order status. Enjoy the benefits of route optimization with Google Maps integration: reduce cost and delivery time.

Registration Of Your Delivery Staff

Register your staff and their personal info, and generate daily or monthly reports of the orders that have been delivered.

History Of Orders By Delivery Person

Every sale dispatched for delivery is saved within the profile of the delivery person that has been responsible for that order. The reports show detailed info of the orders, such as products, customers, total paid and delivery fee. Make it even easier to check by reviewing automatic system-generated daily and monthly reports.

Address Info On the Order Invoice And Sales Receipt

Make things simpler for your team: the directions for the delivery are displayed on the printed invoice or receipt, as well as the delivery fee rate.

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Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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