Management Of Perishable Items

Don`t let your products go bad ever again!

Nex is the ultimate Retail Management system. Use Nex`s Expiration Date Management tool to sort and handle your products in stock by their expiration date. Also, manage your Inventory and Cash Register, set up multiple Points of Sale (POS), get financial reports, and much more!

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How To Manage The Perishable Items’ Expiration Date?

Do you sell perishable items? For example, do you happen to run a grocery store, a bakery, or do you keep all the raw materials to produce your goods? Add an expiration date when adding the product to your inventory, and easily generate a report showing which products are about to expire, and when, avoiding awkward situations with your customers. You may add as many dates as needed for each product.

List Of Products And Their Expiration Date

Quickly view a list of all the perishable items and their expiration dates. Check the respective suppliers for each product, and adjust your purchases based on how long before they go bad.

Remove Expired Products

Write off the expired products of the Expiration Date List, remove them from Nex Inventory, and take them out of the shelf or the depository room.

Unlimited Expiration Dates By Product

It’s possible to set up several expiration dates to the same product, helping you to keep track of each batch’s expiration date.

Tracking Code

Use the LOCATION field when creating your product registration form to add your personal code to easily track and find the product in the stockroom, when it’s about time to remove them.

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Download Nextar on your computer and start right now!   

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