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Create an online product catalog in minutes with the Nextar. Promote your website on Social Media and Whatsapp and make your commerce more digital!

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Product Registration with photos and description

Register all your products on Nextar by entering all the information or just a photo and description. You can easily change the image and description at any time from the catalog product list and automatically update your Online Sales Platform.

Auto Publish

When you complete the registration of a product, you can publish the catalog in two ways: choosing only a few products to appear or enabling the publication of all items in stock at once. After performing the configuration, just click on “ Activate catalog” and your site will be published automatically.

Free website

Creating a sales website with Nextar is very easy and free! After registering your products, just click on “Activate catalog”, choose the name for your virtual store, enter your address and WhatsApp number to create your free website. Your product’s catalog will now be online! All done on time, in some minutes.

Accept Online Orders

By subscribing to the PREMIUM Plan you can receive orders directly through your Online Catalog. Your customers can create their own online shopping bag and order through your website. Your sales will flow with your stock better controlled! Combine this feature with Nextar's built-in sales, delivery and supplier controls.

Free Hosting and Domain

Your website will have its own domain with completely free hosting. Your website address will be like this example:

Link to publicize

You can post your link in your Instagram bio, on your Facebook page, on your WhatsApp status, Twitter, in short, on any social network you have a profile on.

Contact by WhatsApp

Put your WhatsApp number so that the customer can easily get in touch with you when they are interested in a product, and start the sale virtually through the Online Catalog.

Google Maps

If you don't deliver or your customer prefers to go to the store to pick up their purchases, your website will have a link to Google Maps so that the customer can view the route to your store.

Transform your Catalog into an Online Menu

Create a Digital Menu for restaurants or coffee shops and receive orders online. With the Nextar Online Catalog you can create an attractive online menu to display your plates or snacks. NEX also offers all the necessary features for restaurants and fast food outlets, such as Sales Control, Receipt Printing and Sending, Scale Integration, Validity Control and more.

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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Nextar Online Products Catalog

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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