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Easily create quotations and send them to your customers!

NEXTAR is a complete retail management system: Create and send quotations, control your stock, install multiple points of sales and sell your products, manage your cash register and your finances, and much more!

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Quotation Templates

With NEXTAR you will have access to dozens of business proposal templates and you can print it in paper roll and A4, or save it in PDF format and send by email. Just select a model from our gallery to create your professional proposal. In NEXTAR’s Quotation Templates it’s possible to identify your seller, include customer data, creation and expiration dates, price per unit, total of the products and also provide all forms of contact of your business (e-mail, telephone numbers, social networks and more).

Quotations with Product Pictures

When you need to specify or differentiate products, you can include a picture or an observation, in addition to the observation of the quotation, whenever you want. Clothing, accessories, jewelry, makeup, cake and home decor shops take full advantage of this feature!

Print And Send Quotations By Email

As soon as you finish creating the quotation, a window will instantly pop up on your screen for you to send it straight to your customer’s email. Or else, print it out choosing your preferred template out of the gallery.

Management By Status

Check the status of the quotations that you’ve created. They are divided into four categories: pending, expired, approved (or denied) and sold. By setting and updating the status of your quotations, you will know better what to do for each of the categories.

Customizable List

View the full history of quotations in the list and filter them by customer, by creation or expiration date, total due and the responsible seller.

Quotations With Expiration Date

Control when a quotation will expire by setting a default or a custom expiration date. And don’t forget to contact your customer before that to make sure that you will finish the deal!

Quote-To-Order (Q2O) Tool

It’s very simple to close the deal with your customer by using this tool. Create and send them the quotation, and if they give you the green light, approve the quotation and convert it to be placed as an order with one single click!

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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Everything you need to know about your quotations in one easy-to-use sales quoting software:

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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