Sales Reports and Statistics

NEXTAR is a complete management system for your store.

NEXTAR POS System generates reports for you to closely observe your business. It includes: Inventory and Sales Control, POS, Financial Control, Cash Register, and more!

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NEXTAR POS Analytics: Reports and Statistics

Closely monitoring what happens in your business is an important competitive factor. Sales Reports can help you to get an overview of your business and give you data to improve your actions. NEXTAR POS Software provides a list of reports and statistics that can be accessed at any time by the system and helps you to make the right choices!

Average Ticket Size

Find out the average number of purchases per customer in your store and filter it by day, month and year.


How much did you sell in the day, month or year? Quickly find this information in the NEXTAR POS. Also, find the profit generated by the product and quickly know the performance of your sales.

Revenue and Expenditure

The Revenue & Expenditure report will show you whether your sales are exceeding your expenses. This is an important and strategic statistic that allows you to make quick decisions to reverse possible losses.

Cash Report

At the daily cash register closing, NEXTAR sends a report to your e-mail with the financial summary, amounts received, the opening and closing balances, and the receipt by means of payment.

Top Customers

Learn which customers spend the most in your store. You can also know how much your customers spend in a certain period.


Analyze sales volume by supplier and products and better negotiate your purchases.

Sales Reports

NEX provides a large number of reports for you to analyze your sales: commission by salesperson, peak time, sales by category and product, by product, by brand, by customer, by category and by combo (tie-in sales).

Accounts Payable

Quickly access reports of accounts paid or to be won, and don’t pay a fine for forgetting a payment.

Peak Hours

Use this report to see at what time your sales are going through the ceiling, and when they are kind of slow. You’ll see how many available vendors you need at any hour, and when it’s more interesting to keep your store open.

Sales Taxes

We know how exhausting it is to set sales taxes rates on your products and keep track of how much you collected after your sales. NEXTAR POS assists you with that! Set default and customized tax rates and groups, apply them to your products and see exactly the amount in taxes you should pay when filling your next sales tax return.

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The reports you need to closely monitor the performance of your store

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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