Sales Order Management System

Managing the orders of your store has never been so easy!

NEXTAR Software has been designed to make your life simpler while managing your business. In addition to giving you full control of your sales orders, NEXTAR does a lot more for you: unlimited points of sales, inventory and sales control, cash register management, finance reports and much more!

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What is Sales Order?

Sales Order is a commercial document that specifies details about a purchase like price, quantity, quality, mode of payment, delivery information like shipping address, billing address and more! This document is generated by a seller and issued to a customer.

See below all order management solutions NEXTAR can offer to your business.

Sales Order Templates

Enjoy NEXTAR’s custom order software: it doesn’t matter which printer style you use in your store! Roll paper, letter size, or even A4 paper sheet - you’ll find the right sales order model for you, available in the Templates Gallery.

Sales Order Full List

Monitor all your sales orders with NEXTAR’s order tracking software. Easily check out the entire list of open orders, displayed on a single, all-customizable screen. Sort and group the orders as you wish: for delivery or take-out; by customer, by the products or by the total due; by the delivery person, by shipper or by the salesperson, and more.

Easily Manage Your Orders

You may complete the order as a finished sale, or cancel it with just one click, right on the Open Orders main screen. You may also edit the open orders info, such as changing the number of items, adding a discount, setting a shipping address and much more. And once you’re all set, print out the order invoice with your preferred printer and template.

NEXTAR POS turns the sales order management process into a simple experience.

Shipping Your Orders (Delivery)

NEXTAR makes it super smooth to manage your deliveries. Link the customer and their directions info to the order and set the shipping address, the carrier (or delivery person), and the shipping rate fee. Learn more!

Multiple Points Of Sale

You may add as many computers as needed to run the system simultaneously from strategical spots in your store, as well as at the cashier counter. They will all use and feed the same single database, still working individually.

Start The Order Anywhere, Checkout At The Cashier Counter

Set up multiple sales terminals to generate the orders from any location in your store, and they’ll be instantly available in the cashier’s computers, ready for checkout!

Reserved Stock For Items That Are Saved In Open Orders

Don’t mess up your products available in stock ever again! Once an item is added to an order, it automatically goes to a reserved stock, so you won't take the risk of selling the same item twice. This will help you to have full control of what’s going on with the available inventory products.

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It's super easy to manage your sales orders with NEXTAR's order management platform:

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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