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Check all NEXTAR’s supplier management tools to simplify your Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) process!

NEXTAR is the best solution for Supplier Management. NEXTAR also assists you in controlling your sales and inventory, your cash register, setting up points of sales (POS),  managing your finances and your supplier relationship.

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Detailed Supplier and Vendor Registration Software

Keep a complete and updated catalog of all your suppliers and vendors. Easily check all relevant info, such as the transactions of purchased items and the products that you buy from each of them.

History Of Purchases And Sales By Supplier

Check the purchases made from each supplier directly into the Supplier’s registration form, listed chronologically. Use the Sales by Supplier reports within the statistics tab to know for sure which Supplier’s products are selling best.

List Of Suppliers

All registered suppliers and their main info are displayed as a list, so you can easily browse and edit their forms.

List Of Products By Supplier

Check all the products of a supplier in particular with two steps: first, inform in each product form the supplier that you buy that item from. Then, go to the supplier form and click on the PRODUCTS button. All products linked to that supplier will be listed.

Products With Several Suppliers

Do you happen to buy the same item from different suppliers? Add as many suppliers as you need into the product form. This way you can quote your purchases better and get the best deals!

Catalog Of Carriers and Delivery People

NEXTAR has a completely separate section for you to register your associate carriers and delivery staff, allowing you to easily check the deliveries that each one has made, filtering by day or by month.

Report - Purchase Suggestion

This report will be a game-changing for you: based on the history and average of sales, and on the available stock as well as the minimum and maximum stock levels for each product, NEXTAR generates an automatic report, letting you know your supplier's performance, which products and how many items you should buy to replace your stock, and when. Check that out!

Catalog Of Suppliers - What’s That For?

This tool is the best solution to assist you with your Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) routine. It’s very important to know all your suppliers' particularities to get the best advantages: better deadlines and price deals; purchases delivered on time, and more efficient purchases.

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A complete and informative catalog of suppliers:

Download NEXTAR on your computer and start right now!   

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