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About the NEX Version Update

  • Will I lose my data?
    NO, when updating your NEX version all of your information will be retained. You don’t run the risk of losing any sales data, customer, product or supplier. Still, we recommend that you always keep an updated backup.
  • How can I update?
    To update the software is very simple, just download the installer through the "Download Version" link in the Current Version, give it two clicks to execute it and click Next until the end of the process (keeping the same folder where you originally installed the program).
  • How to upgrade on more than one terminal?
    It’s necessary to update your NEX on all terminals (computers), keeping them all in the same version. To install NEX you must open and run the installer on the computer you want to update.

Always save a backup of your database

  • NEX DOESN’T have an automatic backup system
    Although NEX doesn’t delete your database when updating the version, there is no backup on our servers. All data in your database, such as products, customers, suppliers, and sales are stored only on your computer. We always recommend keeping an updated backup in case you experience any problems with your computer or decide to format it.

    Click here and see how to save a backup on a USB drive or any other external drive.

Latest Version - C446

Release Date 07/05/2019
        New Features:
        •  It was created a new feature do allow to save a PDF file of the Quotations made
          Fixed Errors:
          • The system was experiencing a SQL error when it tried to inactivate a product whose registration had been done by the quick registration of the sales screen.
          • The system was not importing the barcode into the GTIN field when using the NexServer importer.
          • In some stores, NEX was experiencing an unhandled Exception error while performing an transfer between stores.
          • The system was experiencing an error when entering manual stock with user who was an administrator.
          • In some stores, the system was experiencing an error while trying to generate the printout of the sales receipt or order.


          Release Date 06/14/2019
                New Features:
                • You can now exempt TAX from the sale. Some customers are exempt, so no sales tax should be levied.
                • When displaying Product Financial Information, NEX now displays the % of Product Resale. Total stock already purchased in store history divided by current inventory.


                  Release Date 06/07/2019
                        Fixed Errors:
                        • When installing previous versions, the printer templates weren't updating.


                        Release Date 05/06/2019
                          New Features:
                          • Created a new feature to control users permissions to assign a sale as debt;
                          • It was updated the base of templates with corrections and adjustments of some templates;
                          • Created a shortcut for the Windows calculator on the Sales screen.
                            Fixed Errors:
                            • In some cases, NEX was showcasing a negative Final Balance on the Stock Movements in the Register menu;
                            • The system was printing when trying to Save to PDF in the product Sales screen;
                            • NEX was allowing unauthorized users to be able to Complete an Order using the F2 keyboard shortcut;
                            • The system was not allowing you to open transactions with double click on the Inventory Transactions screen;
                            • NEX was allowing unauthorized users to apply a discount on Orders;
                            • NEX was allowing unauthorized users to register new clients on the sale’s search menu;
                            • The system wasn’t printing the Sales by Category on the Register Reports;
                            • The system was showing inactive products in the Products tab of the Suppliers screen;
                            • The system was showing inactive products on the Bundle search screen;
                            • The system reported an Access Violation error while editing the registration of a Bundle from the sale search screen.
                            • In some cases, NEX wasn’t showing the product code in the Sales by Brand report.
                            • The Banknote Counter was losing information when switching NEX users.
                            • FREE plan customers weren’t able to use the sales receipt template.


                            Release Date 05/24/2019
                              New Features:
                              • Enabled the sum of the "Total Commission" column of the commission report per salesperson;
                              • It was created a shortcut for the Windows calculator on the Sales screen;
                              • It was created a new feature to compress the Backup files into a single file to prevent corrupting your data;
                              • It was created a feature to restore compressed Backups in .ZIP files;
                              • It was created a new feature to keep track of your expenses: Accounts Payable;
                              • Created new parameter in the templates for information of the NIF number.
                                Fixed Errors:
                                • The "Edit Payment" and "Save" functions of the Customer Transactions screen were with the same shortcut (F2), causing conflicts;
                                • Adjusted the correction screen of the loyalty points that was visually cutting the information of the number of points;
                                • In some stores, the system was recording the wrong markup of products while enabling the automatic function;
                                • NEX wasn’t updating the stock on the Products menu when a transaction was made. The error was only visual, it didn’t affect the stock itself;
                                • The withdrawl and supply screens were accepting negative value, causing cash register errors;
                                • Products that were never moved were registrating zero cost in inventory;
                                • NEX wasn't respecting the printing settings for the cashier report. Even by selecting only a few options, everything was printed;
                                • When placing an Order with Products with Sales Tax, the tax amount was not added to the total of the Pending Orders screen.


                                Release Date 05/03/2019
                                  New Features:
                                  • Now NEX records the user who closed the register and shows it in the Previous Registers screen.
                                  • It’s now possible to allow a user to use the quick product registration on the sales screen.
                                  • The system now displays the transaction date and time on the transaction screen.
                                  • Now, by default, the system will show only approved transactions on the Product Registration screen. Just click on Show Canceled to view the canceled transactions in the list.
                                  • PDF files for sending email were being generated in the root folder of NEX. Now NEX saves them in a folder called “Email”, inside the NEX folder, bringing more organization.
                                    Fixed Errors:
                                    • When you edit the amount of an already released item that uses fractional units with more than 2 decimals, the system was rounding the value instead of just cutting the surplus digits.
                                    • For companies that work with more than one address per customer, the function to make a primary address was not working.
                                    • In some stores, NEX was not showing the comment on the register report sent by email.
                                    • By limiting users' access, when you unchecked the Products item, the user could still access the products screen.
                                    • In some stores that worked with automatic pricing, when editing a product registration, the system was not loading on the screen the percentage of markup registered.
                                    • When the user filtered the column "Email" to show clients with or without email, the system presented an error.
                                    • In some stores, the system was not finding the product and displaying the error on the screen when attempting to make a return of all products to the supplier.
                                    • In some stores, when making a customer return whose sales note had a delivery fee, it wasn’t being considered for the return.
                                    • When cloning a product, the system wasn’t showing the option to use the automatic code.
                                    • The "Created on" column filter on the estimates screen wasn’t working.
                                    • When selling a bundle, the system was displaying the wrong quantity on the printed receipt. The prices ​​were respected but the number of items wasn’t.
                                    • The Banknote Counter now adjusts to the customer's resolution, preventing the total from hiding in some resolutions.
                                    • When editing a registered currency and attempting to delete one of them, the system did not delete the currency to which it was selected.
                                    • When generating a return with many items on sale, the system took a long time to load the screen with all items.
                                    • We noticed that in some stores, some sales didn’t appear in the register report sent by email.
                                    • When you made a stock adjustment for less or more, the stock wasn’t updating on the Products screen.
                                    • The Other Entries operations were not being considered in the Entries column in the Transactions screen.
                                    • The system was experiencing an error while trying to remove a bundle from a sale.
                                    • When entering a Purchase through the Products screen, NEX wasn’t updating the data in the product registration. It was necessary to change the screen and go back to the system to update the information.
                                    • The column of the product’s description in the Moving Products report was cutting the product’s name.
                                    • The FREE plan template for sales receipt wasn’t loading correctly.
                                    • NEX wasn’t sending out the Withdraw and Supply notice on the receipt.
                                    • We corrected the tConfig error when opening the NEX. This error only occurred in some stores with specific scenarios.
                                    • In some stores, when selecting a product for inclusion in the Bundle, the system inserted another product different from the one selected.
                                    • On the Check Payment Method tab of the Register, the date column filter wasn’t working, resulting in a blank result when it was used. Use the "Greater than" and "Less than" filters to search for days and periods.
                                    • The font size setting for the Debt Statement was only accepting the first typing.
                                    • Now, when the option that allows you to register more than one product with the same code is checked, quick product registration will also allow you to use codes that are already in use.
                                    • When you clicked on “Save PDF” on the sales screen, the system was sending to the printer instead of generating the PDF. For this feature to work, the customer needs to be printing the sales receipt active and configured. If it’s not, NEX will request the configuration and open the window for this before saving the file.
                                    • In some stores, when registering an expiration date of a product, this same expiration appeared in other products.


                                    Release Date 02/07/2019
                                      New Features:
                                      • It was created a new feature for the system to automatically load the logged in User's email for sending Estimates with the salesperson’s email.
                                      • It was created "Sent By" column in the Estimates screen to show which user and email sent the estimate to the client.
                                      • Created "Date/Time Email" column in the Estimates screen to show the date and time that the estimate was sent by email.
                                      • Now the store’s name appears at the top of the printed and emailed register report. Just set the store name on sales receipts.
                                      • It was created a new feature to import data via CSV (Excel) or TXT file. In this first version, it’s possible to only add new data, it’s not possible to edit data that already exists in the system.
                                        Fixed Errors:
                                        • The F5 shortcut to select a client on the payment screen wasn’t working.
                                        • NEX was allowing fractioning the quantity of a product during the sale, even for products without this configuration. This occurred only when editing an item that was already launched on the sales screen.
                                        • The calculation for products weighed on the scale was fixed. In some stores, depending on the value, the sale could have a 1 cent difference.
                                        • The "Print" option on the Order’s payment screen wasn’t working.
                                        • The Payment Method Statistics report contained two lines of the total, one adding and the other showing a wrong total value in one of them.
                                        • In some stores, NEX was failing to send the cash register report to the email.
                                        • In some stores, NEX was generating the register report with all the closed registers and not just the selected one.
                                        • The "Without Tax" checkbox in a product’s tax was not working.
                                        • Editing system currencies using the international standard was not working.


                                        Release Date 12/17/2018
                                          New Features:
                                          • It was added a feature on the Estimate screen to show the product’s code.
                                          • It was added a feature on the Estimate screen to increase and decrease the size of the letters in the list of products.
                                          • It was created a new feature to allow editing the Banknote Counter of the Cash Register. You can now edit the currencies in the list.
                                            Fixed Errors:
                                            • NEX was limiting the amount of characters in the password field to Shut Down the NEX Server.
                                            • In some stores, the system was showing inactive products in the products search of the sales screen.
                                            • It was adjusted some Filters from the Moving Products screen of the cash register report that did not follow the pattern per register.
                                            • In some stores, the system wasn't showing the full value in printed Estimates.

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